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Christmas Tree Safety

A live Christmas tree is a beautiful addition to your holiday decor, but they can be dangerous if not properly cared for! Check out this helpful list that will ensure your tree stays beautiful and safe all season long! A dry tree can be a fire hazard. the minute your tree was cut, it began to […]

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Do I Have to Pay the Insurance Company Back for Med Pay Coverage?

Yes. Your insurance company has a right to paid back for money it pays you under the Med Pay coverage in your policy. This right to reimbursement is called “subrogation.” Subrogation allows one party to make a payment that another party owes, and then later collect that money from the party who originally owed it. […]

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What Kind of Questions do I have to Answer in Discovery?

Discovery is the investigation that takes place before a lawsuit goes to trial. During the discovery phase of a lawsuit, parties gather facts and information about the other party to build their case. Discovery can be written, in the form of interrogatories or request for production, or oral, such as a deposition. The defendant can […]

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What is Med Pay?

Medical Payments Insurance (Med Pay) is insurance that pays medical expenses for you and your passengers who are injured in a car wreck. Med Pay acts as supplemental insurance for car accident injuries. Personal Injury Protection coverage (PIP) only covers 80% of medical bills in Florida. Med Pay insurance can cover the remaining 20% and/or […]

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What Facts Go in a Complaint?

A complaint is the document a plaintiff files with the court at the beginning of the lawsuit. A complaint describes how the defendant injured the plaintiff. Only the most important, basic facts should in a complaint. The purpose of the complaint is not to tell every detail of your story. The purpose of the complaint […]

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How Many Times Do I Have to Give my Deposition?

If you are a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, chances are you will have to give a deposition. Depositions happen during the discovery phase of the case. During discovery, the parties to the lawsuit request and gather information from each other. One way that information is gathered is by deposition. A deposition is usually […]

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Take Care of your Loved Ones During the Holidays

It’s National Caregiver’s Month, we love them. Here are 4 tips to make sure your loved ones are getting the best care possible. Residents have a right to be treated with dignity and respect.  Most nursing homes and assisted living facilities do their best to give the highest care possible. However, there are occasional stories of abuse, neglect, […]

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Be careful while trick-or treating. Our little ones are precious and deserve a fun and safe Halloween. Here are some suggestions to keep the kids safe while getting treats around the neighborhood. Be visible — While the kids are walking door to door, they are sharing the road with cars. Make sure drivers can see […]

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If My Car Wreck Happened Out of Town, Will I Have to Travel There for Depositions?

Unfortunately, people get in car wrecks out of town on vacations, family trips, business trips, and the like. The most common court to file a personal injury lawsuit in is the court of the county where the car wreck happened.That court has jurisdiction over the claim because the wreck happened within its boundaries. So what […]

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Tailgate Safely this Football Season

Football season means tailgating. Who doesn’t love to throw a party from the back of their car or truck while waiting for your team’s game to start? The smell of barbecue in a parking lot before game time is as much a part of college football as the band playing the fight song. To make […]

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