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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

No lawyer can ethically promise or guarantee results for the outcome of your case, and neither can we. But we can make you a guarantee. Our firm is so committed to quality work, personal attention and client satisfaction that we offer every new client a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% completely satisfied with the way we treat you and your legal claim, during the first 30 days after hiring our firm you may take your file, no attorney fees or expenses, and no questions asked.

Mission Statement

Proactively seeking justice for our clients and community and providing superior customer service with compassion and empathy.

About Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers

Stevenson Klotz is dedicated to the highest client service and customer satisfaction. We have incorporated this belief into our firm’s core values. We don’t practice law the same way lawyers did 100 or even 10 years ago. In this new age, a new type of law firm is needed. Laws are constantly changing. The practice of law is continually adapting to new technologies. Lawyers no longer have a monopoly on legal research and knowledge. Clients can find forms online, and anyone can do some basic legal research on the Internet now. With today’s fast-paced changes and readily available information, clients need lawyers who can keep up with the times.

Despite the vast available knowledge and seemingly unlimited legal information at someone’s fingertips, only a lawyer can give legal advice. Only a trained lawyer can skillfully argue for a client in court. You want a lawyer that is experienced in the courtroom and can tell you what to expect as your case progresses in the system. At Stevenson Klotz, our lawyers regularly practice in state and federal courts in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Our vision centers on providing excellent service to our clients and getting the absolute best results we can. We are a small law firm that takes on big cases with the attention and satisfaction you should expect in difficult times.

We practice with integrity knowing that with today’s technologies, clients are more involved than ever in their cases. Our aim is to make the legal process simpler for our clients to understand. With so much information available, we know it is hard to make decisions. We look forward to working with people who face what may seem to be overwhelming adversity. Our goal is to guide our clients through difficult times and help them make good decisions that will affect their lives. Any lawyer can print a form or look up the law, but a good lawyer knows how to relate to their clients and how to fight for them in the courtroom.

Vision Statement

We will be the leaders in trial law with a team of bright, highly motivated, compassionate people who are dedicated to helping the less fortunate and oppressed. We will be the epitome of a top rated client service law firm other professional firms will attempt to emulate. We will become the the trusted legal advisors for all of our clients and everything we do will be for the betterment of our clients. We will build and nurture lasting relationships with our clients and all others we meet and communicate with. Our firm will be viewed as caring and compassionate, yet aggressive toward accomplishing our goals. Stevenson Klotz will be the career choice for the brightest and most compassionate attorneys and staff in the field of trial law.

Core Values

  • Honesty — We are honest with ourselves, each other, and our clients
  • Loyalty — We are loyal to our clients, each other, and our firm values
  • Communication — We strive to excel at communication within and outside our firm
  • Respect — We respect our clientele and each other as we would our own family
  • Trust — We promote a culture of trust
  • Self-Improvement — We are always seeking improvement to better serve our clients through innovation and a dedication to learning
  • Compassionate — We are compassionate knowing that everyone goes through difficult times
  • Fun — We enjoy working with each other, are present in the moment, and have fun
  • Nurturing — We care for and encourage the growth of ourselves and everyone we help
  • Efficient — We seek to maximize our productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense
  • Passion — We have passion for fighting for our clients

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