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Wegovy and several FDA-approved weight loss drugs like it are being investigated for causing gastroparesis, or stomach paralysis. Individuals who took Wegovy and suffered damages from this medication may be eligible to claim compensation through a settlement or jury award. Work with our injury attorneys serving Pensacola, FL to file a lawsuit against Wegovy. We are evaluating new claims now.

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Demand for drugs like Wegovy has been surging as these medications have been proven to help patients lose weight. However, Wegovy and other medications in its class have been tied to a debilitating stomach condition called gastroparesis.

If you have taken Wegovy, and you have been diagnosed with gastroparesis, you can file a lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer, Novo Nordisk. The personal injury attorneys at Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers in Pensacola, FL, can take legal action on your behalf. Contact us to ask about filing a Wegovy lawsuit.

What is Wegovy?

Wegovy is a prescription medication that is prescribed for weight loss. It is injected under the skin once per work. Wegovy is a GLP-1 agonist. It works by acting exactly like the GLP-1 hormone in your body, which tells you when you are hungry. The drug is intended to make you feel more full and slow down your stomach function.

Wegovy Is Used for Weight Loss

The FDA approved Wegovy as a weight loss drug in 2021. Since then, sales of Wegovy and Saxenda (another drug in its family) have earned the manufacturer healthy profits. Novo Nordisk, the maker of these drugs, reported that sales skyrocketed to $1.5 billion in 2022, as these drugs continue to gain in popularity.

Wegovy Has Been Connected to Dangerous Stomach Conditions

However, even though Wegovy has been shown to be effective for weight loss, it comes at a cost. There have been reports that patients are far more likely to suffer from dangerous stomach conditions, including a form of stomach paralysis called gastroparesis.

A recent study from researchers at the University of British Columbia combed through records of health insurance claims from people who were prescribed Saxenda and other GLP-1 medications. What they found was alarming.

People who take these drugs have a much higher chance of developing stomach conditions, such as:

  • Pancreatitis
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Gastroparesis
  • Biliary disease (which is a condition affecting the gall bladder)

What Is Gastroparesis?

Gastroparesis is a condition that causes the muscles in the stomach to weaken. These muscles need to be strong in order to force the contractions that carry food out of the stomach and into the intestines. The result is that food stays in the stomach for far longer than it otherwise should.

One study found that people who take GLP-1 drugs could have food remaining in their stomachs for up to 70 minutes, which is more than 15 times longer than the normal person.

Gastroparesis is a chronic condition that can only be managed and not cured. Symptoms of gastroparesis include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating
  • Feeling full after barely eating
  • Acid reflux
  • Blockages in the bowels — which could require surgery

Patients who have taken drugs like Wegovy, and who have developed gastroparesis, have begun to file lawsuits against the companies that make these drugs. These are product liability cases that could prove that these drugs may have been defective.

Possible defects that would be alleged include allegations that the design of the drug was unreasonably dangerous for its intended purpose. In addition, drugmakers are also being accused of not informing the public of the full risks of these drugs that they knew all along.

If you took Wegovy, and you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, it is essential that you see a doctor immediately to have your condition diagnosed and treated. You should then contact an experienced product liability attorney so you can begin the process of filing a lawsuit against Novo Nordisk.

You may be able to receive a settlement check or jury award that pays you for the following damages:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Emotional distress
  • Embarrassment and humiliation

Since news of the potential dangers of GLP-1 drugs like Wegovy is just coming to light, the lawsuit process is at the very beginning. Plaintiffs are just beginning to come forward with lawsuits, seeking compensation for the harm that they have suffered. You should see an attorney to discuss your case and begin the legal process.

Our diabetes drug lawyers can learn the facts of your case and perform some further investigation. If you hire us, we would then draft a complaint and file it with the court, which would be the beginning of your lawsuit.

Your case would stand on its own, but it may eventually be combined with other cases in multi-district litigation. We anticipate that thousands of lawsuits will be filed against Novo Nordisk and its competitors who have manufactured similar drugs.

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