Personal injury accidents in Mobile, Alabama, can be traumatic. One minute you and your loved one are fine, and then without warning, one of you may be severely injured and need months if not years to recover from their injuries. Another person’s negligence can send your life into a tailspin, and cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars in expenses. At the Mobile, Alabama law firm of Stevenson Klotz, we understand the issues you and your family may be facing due to a severe Alabama accident.

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Personal Injury in Alabama

Generally speaking, personal injury has to do with the damages to your body that are a result of a negligent act by someone else, including a company, person, or another entity.

While the Mobile, Alabama law firm of Stevenson Klotz handles personal injury cases involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents, we also handle other kinds of personal injury cases that include:

  1. Accidents in the Workplace
  2. Dog Bites
  3. Slip and Falls
  4. Premises Liability
  5. Dangerous and defective drugs or medical devices
  6. Defective products
  7. Wrongful Death

The IRC determined that people who were represented by an attorney received almost three-and-a-half times more, even after the attorney's fees were paid.


85 percent of all money paid out by insurance companies for bodily injuries goes to clients with an attorney.

Alabama FAQ’s Regarding Personal Injury

After being injured, you may have many questions, but trying to find accurate information may be a challenge. Our attorneys at the Mobile, Alabama law firm of Stevenson Klotz has put together some of the questions asked most frequently by their clients and the answers.

If your question is not answered below, or even if it is, we strongly urge you to contact us as soon as possible because you require more than just an answer to your question, you need solutions to your legal problems.

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What are the Most Common Personal Injury Accidents in Alabama?

While there are many different kinds of personal injury accidents in Alabama, the most common include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents
  2. Slip and Falls
  3. Dog Bites or Animal Attacks
  4. Dangerous Products
  5. Medical Malpractice

Does Anyone Investigate Personal Injury Accidents in Alabama?

The truth is that it depends on the kind of accident you were involved in. In a car accident, local law enforcement may investigate, but there probably won’t be any government agency investigation.

For this reason, you need the Mobile, Alabama personal injury law firm of Stevenson Klotz. We can hire experts and put our resources and experts to work for you.

How Much is My Alabama Personal Injury Case Worth?

While there isn’t a set amount for most personal injury claims, the insurance companies involved, the jurors, and others usually consider many factors when determining how much compensation you should be awarded.  These factors may include:

  1. How severe the injuries you suffered are
  2. The cause of the accident
  3. Negligence
  4. Reckless Behavior

What if Whoever Caused My Accident Denies Liability?

Many of our clients hire us for this exact reason – the person, company, or other entity responsible for their accident denies they did anything wrong. The person who caused your injuries may argue and say your version of the crash isn’t correct.

The important thing is not to respond to any of these allegations because anything you say or do could hurt your case and your ability to recover any monetary compensation for your injuries. Let the Mobile, Alabama personal injury lawyers at Stevenson Klotz speak on your behalf with all the insurance companies, investigators, or anyone else involved in your accident. Let us fight the battle for you.


Can I File a Lawsuit in Alabama?

In some cases, filing a personal injury lawsuit in an Alabama court is the best way for you to obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries. There are also many other options that may be available to you. We can explain all of your options and work alongside you to formulate a plan that fits your situation.

What Kind of Damages Can I Recover in Alabama?

If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, or intentional actions, you might be able to recover for your past, current, and future:

  1. Medical expenses: including doctor’s appointments, medications, medical devices, surgeries, physical therapy, and any rehabilitation you may need.
  2. Lost income: including any income you may not be able to earn because of your injuries. This includes wages, benefits, bonuses, and pay if you are self-employed.
  3. Out-of-pocket: Expenses such as childcare or household help that you didn’t need before you were injured
  4. Pain and suffering: This includes any physical pain and emotional distress. While monetary compensation cannot alleviate your suffering, it is the only remedy available to help you recover from your injuries.

Can I Negotiate For More Money in Alabama?

The short answer is yes. You are not obligated to take the settlement amount the insurance company or others may offer to you after your Alabama accident. You also have the right to ask for more money.

In many cases, offers of settlement fail to take into account all of the costs that are associated with your injury accident. At the Mobile, Alabama law firm of Stevenson Klotz, we think long term, and take into consideration your possible future loss of income, physical therapy or rehabilitation, and any home modifications that you may have to make because you suffered a permanent injury.

Who Compensates Me For My Injuries?

Generally, it will be the insurance company for the business, person, or corporation that caused you to become injured through their negligent and reckless behavior. Additionally, there may be compensation available from the company or person itself.

It may not be a simple matter to receive compensation for your injuries, and in some cases, a lawsuit may need to be filed in an Alabama court. In these cases, a jury may decide how much compensation you should receive.

How Can a Mobile, Alabama Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

At the Mobile, Alabama personal injury law firm of Stevenson Klotz, we understand you have a lot to deal with after your injury/accident. You need to obtain the appropriate medical care and figure out how to pay for all the mounting medical bills and other expenses. We can help you with that, and everything else.

Let the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Stevenson Klotz deal with all the red tape. We will negotiate with all the insurance companies involved, obtain all the accident reports and other records to ensure accuracy, and act as a strong advocate for you and your family.

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