What Is Florida’s Policy on No-Fault Insurance?

When it comes to handling car accidents, the State of Florida has adopted a no-fault insurance law. This law means …

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Can I Recover if I was Partly to Blame for My Car Accident?

It’s normal to wonder if you can recover for your Pensacola car accident injuries when you were partly responsible for …

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Florida’s Interpretation of the Collateral Source Rule Focuses on Defendants’ Responsibilities

If someone steals $100 from you, does it matter whether your bank account balance is $20 or if it is …

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The Daubert Standard Protects Personal Injury Lawsuit Trials from Unscientific Medical Research

In preparing to file a personal injury lawsuit, you probably did much research on the best personal injury lawyers in …

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9 Shocking Florida Car Accident Statistics Everyone Should Know

Did you know that there were more than 400,000 car accidents in Florida in 2018 alone? Nearly 3,000 people died …

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Daubert Standard Has Replaced Frye Standard for Medical Evidence in Florida

Justly or unjustly, Florida has long had a reputation for lenient laws. A visitor to Florida can easily get the …

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Do Not Attempt to Sidestep Insurance Companies If You Are Injured in a Car Accident

After a fender-bender, the drivers usually get out of the car and ask if anyone was hurt. If there are …

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DUI Prevention in Pensacola

In the state of Florida, drunk driving is becoming exceedingly common. However, getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle …

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The Collateral Source Rule and Car Accident Injury Lawsuits in Alabama

Reading your medical bills can be a disorienting experience for many reasons.  First, the exorbitant amounts can be a shock, …

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Mobile Alabama Auto Accident Lawyers

Traffic Safety And Bridges In Pensacola, Florida

The new Bay Bridge in Pensacola has opened, and many people are saying that the lanes are too narrow. As …

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