In a Car Wreck? Go See the Doctor!

Have you ever woken up in the morning with muscle pain in your back or legs and thought to yourself …

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Tracy Morgan Trucking Accident Caused by Driver Fatigue

Tracy Morgan, a renowned comedian from Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, was seriously injured last weekend when a semi-tractor …

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If You Are in a Car Wreck, Call the Police

In an Accident? The Best Policy is to Call the Police ¬† I recommend calling the police anytime you are …

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An Endless Cyle: Trapping People in “The System”

A growing trend around the country, and especially in Florida, is to jail people who cannot afford to pay fines …

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Document Your Auto Accident (Take Pictures)

Being in a car wreck is scary. You quickly go from driving or riding in your car listening to the …

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New Gas Leak at the Escambia County Jail

There was a gas leak at the kitchen of the main Escambia County Jail today. This time, unlike at Central …

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Summer is Car Accident Season

Drivers are more likely to get in car wrecks¬†during the Summer than any time of the year according to the …

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Insurance Companies are not Necessarily On Your Side or a Good Neighbor

Insurance companies are big business. Their business is to make money. They profit by taking in more money than they …

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In a Car Wreck in Florida, Who is Responsible for Medical Bills?

  Due to Florida’s insurance laws, that answer can be tricky. Typically, in a Florida personal injury case, the person …

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