Will Driverless Cars be Safer?

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Personal injury lawyers’ practices will change over the next 20 years. Technology companies like Google, Apple, and Uber are creating driverless cars. Many of the major automobile companies including General Motors, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz are too. The technology associated with these cars is pretty amazing. It should cut down on the number of automobile accidents.
The manufacturers claim that driver error is the cause of most motor vehicle accidents.

Manufacturers claim that having computers take over the driving will cut that risk. Yet, recent news suggests that automobile designs themselves can create serious dangers. Toyota’s acceleration problem or General Motors’s ignition switch problem are recent examples. Computers themselves also have problems. Computers shut down, freeze up, or can be hacked. Could someone hack into a driverless car and take it over? Consumers and attorneys will deal these issues over the next 20 years as we shift to driverless cars.

Driverless cars will bring benefits. Reduced traffic and emissions, increased productivity, and elimination of driver error are benefits. However, the cars will not be flawless. Good personal injury attorneys will track the technology because accidents will still happen. Personal injury lawsuits against car owners or drivers may decrease. But products liability claims against manufacturers will take their place.

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