Jury Duty

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People tell me this all the time: “I just got a summons for jury duty. I hope I don’t get picked.” My response is always, “I hope you do.” Jury duty is one of the few ways we get to participate in our government. Jury serviceĀ is one of only two ways that government calls and compels us to act. The other is the draft. Juries are the great equalizer. Real people make decisions that affect whoever the parties are on trial be it the US Government, the state, a major corporation, a rich person, a poor person, an American citizen, or a foreigner. Juries are what makes America different, and better, than many other countries. Not participating in jury service isĀ like not voting. By serving on a jury, you may make a decision that has far reaching effects or it may only affect one person, but either way, the parties involved are depending on not only a fair and impartial jury, but a panel of smart, ethical, and involved citizens. So, the next time you get a summons for jury duty, be excited. Yes, you may have to miss work, but you are getting to participate in one of the most sacred duties we have as Americans. Welcome to Jury Duty!

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