What is a Personal Injury Claim?

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Slipping and Falling is common personal injury case.Lawyers advertise for “personal injury” claims on the radio, Internet, newspaper and billboards.  But what is a personal injury claim?

By definition, a personal injury is an injury to a person.  It does not include injury to a person’s property (ex. car, house, boat, etc.).  When one person is injured by another person, the person who caused the injury may be legally responsible for the harm.  In other words, the injured person may have a “claim” for damages against the other person.  That claim for damages is a “personal injury claim.”

Types of Personal Injury Claims:

  • Automobile accidents, including accidents with large trucks, motorcycles or pedestrians.
  • Slip and fall accidents and other premises liability cases.
  • Injuries caused by animals, including dog bites.
  • Consumer product liability cases, including defective products, medications, and recalled products.
  • Medical malpractice cases.

Another name for personal injury law is tort law. A personal injury case can be resolved formally through the court system or by informal settlement before a lawsuit is filed.

Should You Consider Filing an Injury Claim?
Can you answer yes to any of these questions because of the actions of another person?

Have you had to see a doctor?
Were you given a Prescription for medication?
Were you unable to work for any amount of time?
Was any off your property damaged, like your car or home?
Did you have to rent a car for any amount of time?
Was your quality of life changed at all (examples would be pain, fear of dogs)?

If You Answered Yes to any of these you should consider discussing your case with a qualified attorney.

Call Stevenson Klotz for a Free Consultation Today, we will go through our 15 Point Checklist™ to determine if your case qualifies. Stevenson Klotz has many years of experience representing those injured through the actions of others.

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