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If your Florida home was damaged by mold, you know that mold damage can be destructive and costly to repair. It doesn’t matter if the mold damage was only in one room of your property, or whether it is throughout your property, you deserve to be compensated for your property losses covered in your Florida homeowner’s insurance policy.

Many Florida insurance companies maty devalue or deny your mold damage claim. As a result, you could be facing a lot of frustration and expenses in an attempt to settle. 

If your Florida insurance company is denying your claim, you should contact the Florida insurance claim attorneys at Stevenson Klotz. 

What is Mold Damage? 

If you’ve lived in Florida for any period of time, you understand how the humidity and weather patterns are a breeding ground for mold to develop at a rapid pace. Mold is extremely thick and can develop at any place where the conditions are ideal.

In order to grow, mold requires a damp environment and a food source like cardboard, wood, curtains, drywall, mattresses, carpeting, or another source of organic material in order to grow.

Florida can be very humid, and moisture can be widespread. Add to that environment, the humidity from drainage, plumbing, or air conditioning issues, and your Florida property can quickly develop a mold problem that can lead to property damage.

What Health Issues Can Mold Cause in Florida? 

Because mold normally starts in damp, hidden spaces, it can spread undetected for a long period of time. Mold can be responsible for many health-related issues that include: 

  1. MigrainesRepeated Sneezing
  2. Respiratory Issues
  3. Watery and/or itchy eyes
  4. Sinus Problems

Many respiratory problems as a result of mold damage can be very severe and, in some cases, life-threatening.

Florida Property Damage Due to Mold

Besides the many health issues associated with mold damage that is left untreated, mold can cause a lot of structural damage to your home, business, or other properties. In some cases, if the mold damage is extreme, your Florida property could be condemned.

If your Florida property has suffered mold damage, it can be hard to sell it, and many insurance companies may not want to write a new policy for a house that has a history of mold damage.

Florida Insurance Companies and Mold Damage

The Florida insurance claims attorneys at Stevenson Klotz have had many clients whose homeowner’s insurance company has denied their mold damage claim. In general, the growth of mold is not due to any negligent actions on your part, which would be grounds for your insurance company to deny your claim.

Additionally, Florida insurance companies are known for either denying claims or offering settlements that are far below the actual damage amount. Your Florida homeowner’s insurance company probably isn’t concerned with you being able to fix or restore your property; they are only interested in their bottom line.

Florida insurance companies sometimes base their settlement offers on the surface damage the mold has caused and not consider the root cause and/or overall damage to your property that are normally hidden.

Instead, the claims adjusters are not being trained to look at the causes, which is why your settlement offer may be much less than what you deserve.

Contact the Florida Lawyers at Stevenson Klotz

Our professional Florida law firm has the resources and knowledge to conduct an investigation into your mold damage claim. We can work with our own insurance experts to determine the real value of the damages to your property.

We will fight for your rights when we are negotiating with your Florida homeowner’s insurance company on your behalf. We understand how insurance companies operate, and we know how they try to minimize your damages. We have fought for Florida homeowners just like you to make sure they get the compensation they deserve. Contact us today!

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