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No lawyer can ethically promise or guarantee results for the outcome of your case, and neither can we. But we can make you a guarantee. Our firm is so committed to quality work, personal attention and client satisfaction that we offer every new client a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% completely satisfied with the way we treat you and your legal claim, during the first 30 days after hiring our firm you may take your file, no attorney fees or expenses, and no questions asked.

Florida is Unpredictable — Protect Your Home Today

Your home is your most valuable asset. It’s no surprise that millions of Americans depend on homeowners’ insurance to protect these investments. When disaster strikes, a homeowner depends on their insurance policy to cover any damages within the language of the agreement.

The fatal flaw of the insurance industry is the fact that it’s a for-profit venture. Therefore, it’s all too common that these companies will cut corners and use unscrupulous tactics to save money on claims. If this happened to you, don’t fret about your property damage. The experienced property insurance attorneys at Stevenson Klotz will make sure your homeowner’s insurance company pays out what belongs to you. 

Understanding Property & Casualty Insurance

Homeowners insurance and auto insurance are the most popular policies, property and casualty insurance exists for larger things like golf carts, boats, rental properties, and so on. These policies will cover your property in the event that it’s damaged or destroyed. On the other hand, liability insurance on these policies is also common, which will cover you in case these assets cause damage to another party.

Property and casualty insurance policies cover you in the following events:

Insurance policies range from what is covered, so it is crucial that you retain a Florida property insurance attorneys who can walk you through property and casualty insurance claims. You also need to know what events are covered and what is not before you sign onto a policy. Stevenson Klotz will help you take the essential steps to protect your property against all events we find commonly here in Florida.

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If your homeowner’s insurance company fails to cover the damages outlined in your policy, that is textbook bad faith insurance. Bad Faith is another way insurance companies skirt costs. These giant companies are armed with lawyers, and fighting them alone is not advised. The highly experienced Florida property insurance attorneys at Stevenson Klotz will stand by you against these giant insurance conglomerates.

Contact us online or call us at 850-444-0000 today to schedule a free consultation with our Florida property and casualty attorneys at Stevenson Klotz. We know how to identify the dirty tactics insurance companies use, and will demand for your proper compensation.

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