Why Would an Insurance Company Dispute My Alabama Personal Injury Claim?

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When you’ve been hurt in an accident, insurance companies are often the main party involved in settling a claim for personal injuries. Unfortunately, even though most people do the right thing and have injuries, insurance companies often don’t play fair. They will try to maximize their profits by disputing your claim, denying it altogether, or settling for a little as possible. There are many different methods they use to dispute your Alabama personal injury claim.

Insurer Excuses

It’s common to see insurers come up with petty, nitpicking, or underhanded ways to dispute your claims. Excuses often include:

  • You were partly at-fault for the accident.
  • Your social media posts prove you aren’t as injured as you claimed.
  • You suffered from a pre-existing health condition that would’ve resulted in your injuries even if the accident didn’t happen.
  • You didn’t give the insurance company sufficient proof of your injuries and expenses incurred.
  • You provided an insurance company with a recorded statement. You made statements that either contradicted your claims or raised doubts about who was at-fault or the nature and extent of your injuries.
  • You failed to seek medical care as soon as possible or failed to follow your doctor’s treatment plan exactly, which contributed to your injuries and damages.
  • Your policy limit doesn’t cover the full amount of damages you claim.
  • The accident that injured you is not covered by the insurance policy.
  • If you are making the personal injury claim through someone else’s insurer, that their policyholder was not-at-fault.

Contact an Attorney 

If you were hurt an accident and struggling to deal with the run-around from insurance companies involved, call the skilled Mobile Personal Injury Attorneys at Stevenson Klotz today. Our attorneys have spent years handling insurers and their evasive, underhanded tactics; we fight to get our clients a fair settlement and maximum possible compensation for their injuries. Call us today at (850) 706-4226 or fill out our online Contact Page to schedule your no-obligation, free initial case evaluation. Let answer your questions and use our knowledge and resources to secure the best outcome possible for you.  

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