What is the Value of my Pensacola Personal Injury Claim?

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If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligent or intentional behavior, you have several options to recover compensation through the court system for your damages. Though they can’t change what has happened, compensatory damages are a way for the legal system to make you whole for the harm you’ve suffered at someone else’s hands. In Pensacola, once you prove someone’s negligence caused your injuries, you may be awarded economic, non-economic, and even punitive damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are concrete, calculable injuries that can be proven through evidence like receipts, pay stubs, and medical bills. Courts may award economic damages for harms like:

  • Property damage 
  • Medical expenses 
  • Lost wages and lost future earning capacity 
  • Funeral costs or burial expenses

Non-Economic Damages

Unlike economic damages, these awards are to make you whole for emotional, psychological, and mental trauma that don’t have a fixed value. Awards may be given for injuries including:

  • Mental anguish 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Disability, scarring, and disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are discretionary awards that may be given by the judge or jury to the victim in addition to the initial compensatory damage award. Unlike compensatory damages, these damages aren’t meant to make victims whole – instead, they are meant to punish a defendant’s extremely bad behavior and act as a deterrent to them and others from repeating the conduct in the future.

Punitive damages aren’t often given, but when a victim proves by clear and convincing evidence that someone caused their injury through intentional misconduct or gross negligence, an award may follow. A victim may receive punitive damages up to three times the compensatory damages or $500,000.00, whichever is greater.

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