Reasons To Hire A Car Accident Attorney

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If you have recently suffered injuries as a result of a Pensacola car accident, you are likely looking to seek monetary compensation for financial losses suffered. Unfortunately, doing so is not so easy. Insurance companies do not like to pay claims – and, if they do, their goal is to pay the least amount as possible. Trying to pursue a claim for payment on your own is not advised, as an experienced Pensacola personal injury attorney knows how to navigate this process. Below are several reasons why you cannot afford to proceed with your personal injury claim without the assistance of an attorney.

  • Resources to get evidence: attorneys have the resources and knowledge to secure and preserve evidence that may be critical to your case. Not only can it be complicated to obtain critical evidence, but it can also be more difficult to preserve. Not only does a skilled attorney know how to identify which pieces of evidence are most valuable to your case, but also has the resources to obtain the evidence quickly. Likewise, an experienced attorney will know the best way to preserve this evidence so that it may be properly used in our case.
  • Protection of your interests: whether or not you like it, you should be aware that any statements you make – written or otherwise – in a personal injury case can be used against you. Without the legal knowledge to understand the implications of your statements, you are at the risk of mistakenly ruining your claim. ¬†An experienced attorney has a deep understanding of the language that is most favorable to use and also which statements can be used against you in court.
  • Insurance companies are biased: you must keep in mind that the insurance adjuster works for the insurer. Their primary objective is to pay out a claim for as little as possible or – even better – not pay the claim at all. For this reason, insurance adjusters will treat claimants unfairly and take advantage of your lack of knowledge in the area of the law. A skilled attorney will push back and ensure the law is applied correctly.
  • Proper pacing of your case: an experienced personal injury attorney knows that the insurance company wants to settle your case quickly and cheaply. Often times injured and financially-strapped accident victims want the case resolved quickly as well. Unfortunately, speed does not necessarily get the best result. A skilled attorney will know how to properly pace your case for the best ultimate result.
  • Maximizing your recovery: while you may be able to say the right things at the right time, just because you are an accident victim does not mean you can effectively represent yourself. The mere fact that you have an attorney on your side will cause the insurance company to take you seriously. Research shows insurance companies pay out three times higher on cases involving attorneys than those claims that do not.


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The above list is just five of the most common reasons to hire an attorney to handle your personal injury case resulting from a Pensacola car accident. Car accident claims can be complicated. Do not try to handle this on your own. Instead, contact the experienced Florida car accident attorneys at Stevenson Klotz today.

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