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Cement trucks are also known as concrete mixers, mixing transport trucks, mixer trucks, cement mixer trucks or transit/in-transit mixer trucks. These types of large trucks can weigh up to 24 tons making it impossible to stop or maneuver quickly in a dangerous situation. 

Cement truck drivers often rush to their jobs to ensure that their product does not harden. In many cases, this rushing results in negligence and reckless driving, causing the cement truck to tip over or, in other cases, a truck driver that is speeding is unable to stop. 

The result of an accident with a cement truck can be devastating and cause catastrophic injuries and damage. If you were involved in an accident involving a cement truck, you likely suffered severe injuries. You need to ensure that your legal rights are protected, and have an attorney that is experienced in handling cement truck accident cases. 

Investigation of a Cement Truck Accident 

We are committed to a full investigation of your cement truck accident. In many cases, truck drivers and trucking companies are not committed to the safety standards established under federal law resulting in serious injuries or even death of other drivers and passengers on the roadways.

Our experienced cement truck accident attorneys will conduct a full investigation of your accident to defend your legal right to compensation for your injuries and losses. 

In many cases, truck drivers and trucking companies will immediately attempt to destroy evidence in an attempt to avoid liability. We can ensure that witness testimony is taken, along with hiring expert accident reconstruction specialists as well as other expert witness testimony that is required. 

We can ensure that we receive the maintenance records, trucking logbooks, and other critical evidence needed to build a strong personal injury case on your behalf. 

Most importantly, it is vital that you hire an experienced cement truck accident attorney to immediately issue a spoliation letter to prevent the concrete truck driver or the trucking company from destroying or manipulating any evidence that could prove negligence and help your personal injury case. 

Compensation for Your Injuries 

Many victims wonder how much compensation they may receive following a serious concrete truck accident. While every case is different, it is crucial to understand the factors that will assist an insurance company or court in the determination of fair and just compensation. Consider the following questions: 

  • Did you suffer severe or permanent injuries? Were any injuries life-threatening? Did you need to go immediately to the emergency room by ambulance from the scene of the concrete truck accident? 
  • Do you need to have ongoing medical care? Additional surgeries? Are you considered temporarily or permanently disabled in any way? Were you disfigured in any way? Do medical professionals believe you will ever be able to recover completely?
  • Do you need to have ongoing medication or therapy for your injuries? 
  • How much work did you miss as a result of your injuries? What are your lost wages? Are you expected to be able to return to work, or will you never be able to do that type of work again due to your injuries? 
  • Do you need any special equipment now, such as a wheelchair, ramp, cane, or walker following the accident? 
  • Were you disfigured in any way? 
  • Was your vehicle completely totaled? 

These questions do not definitively determine whether or not you will receive compensation for your concrete truck accident. However, visiting with one of our experienced cement truck accident lawyers will help you understand the amount of compensation you are owed under the law. 

Contact an Experienced Cement Truck Accident Lawyer Today 

Trucking companies will have a team of lawyers ready to fight against offering fair settlement offers to victims of their negligence. Our compassionate and experienced attorneys are prepared to fight for your legal rights to receive compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Contact our compassionate and experienced legal team in Florida at (850) 706-4533 or in Alabama at (251) 225-8676 or online today for your free consultation. 

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