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There are many different causes for Florida motorcycle accidents that may include adverse weather conditions, poor road maintenance, or driver negligence. However, one of the other factors that are responsible for many motorcycle accidents, including motorcycle defects or poor/inadequate repair services.

If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident and believe it is the result of:

  • A defect in the construction 
  • A repair of your motorcycle

It’s essential that you talk to one of our experienced attorneys at Stevenson Klotz about your options and rights to pursue monetary compensation for your losses from the accident.


What Are the Most Common Motorcycle Defects?

Motorcycle manufacturers are responsible for selling products that are free from design defects or manufacturing defects that render the motorcycle unsafe. When motorcycle manufacturers fail to uphold their responsibility to the public, they should be accountable for any injuries that arise from that defect. 

The most common motorcycle defects include:

  1. Frame: If the framework of the motorcycle has even a small fracture, it can lead to structural failure and result in you having a motorcycle accident.
  1. Engine: If your motorcycle breaks down, it can be dangerous, and the problem is only made worse by an engine failure. As a motorcycle rider, you don’t expect you’re the engine on your bike to suddenly stop running. An engine defect can cause your motorcycle to stall or halt in a situation in which you need to keep moving.
  1. Fuel Tank: A manufacturing flaw in a fuel tank can lead to a gas leak and cause your motorcycle to go up in flames.
  1. Brakes: A brake failure can lead to a devastating motorcycle accident. The inability to stop could lead to a high-speed crash.
  1. Handlebars:Handlebars are essential in steering your motorcycle. If the handlebars on your bike are defective, they can cause your bike to wobble and cause you to be in an accident.
  1. Wheels/Tires:If your motorcycle has defective wheels or tires, it can make your bike unstable and cause you to swerve into other lanes unexpectedly. Additionally, your tire could explode without warning.
  1. Design Overall: Your motorcycle had an unreasonably dangerous design. If this is the case with your bike, you may be able to sue the manufacturer of your motorcycle for your injuries.


How Do You Prove A Manufacturer’s Defect or Faulty Repair?

Proving that your motorcycle had a defect that led to your Florida motorcycle accident can be more complicated than proving the negligence of another driver. However, the attorneys at the Pensacola, Florida law firm of Stevenson Klotz will conduct a detailed investigation into your motorcycle accident which may include a consult with an accident reconstructionist to recreate your accident. 

Additionally, we will conduct an exhaustive search for all claims of a defect or recall notices that will help build your case.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a motorcycle defect, a Pensacola motorcycle accident lawyer at Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers will begin building a case on your behalf. We will advocate for you to receive all the monetary compensation you deserve due to your Florida motorcycle accident. Contact us today!

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