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Paying for Medical Bills in a Car Wreck

Friday October 09, 2015 | Category: Legal Topics, Personal Injury

Florida’s No-Fault Motor Vehicle Law, otherwise known as Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”), provides $10,000 of insurance coverage for medical bills, funeral expenses, and lost wages incurred as a result of an automobile accident. For medical bills, PIP pays 80%. However, $8000 is rarely enough to cover all medical bills.

Doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers will look to other sources for payment after PIP is exhausted. These sources could include health insurance, the other driver’s insurance, or uninsured motorist coverage.

A good personal injury lawyer knows how all these different insurance issues may overlap. A lawyer representing an injured person in a car wreck case should know from the outset what coverage is available to their client. A good lawyer will work with medical providers to insure they bill the appropriate insurance.

 Sometimes, there is not enough insurance to pay all the bills. When this happens, a lawyer may arrange to have a doctor  or hospital agree to to payment at the end of the case. When this happens, a doctor asserts a lien against any future recovery. A good personal injury lawyer must know how to determine the value of their clients’ case. Knowing the value of a case helps the lawyer tell their client whether to risk pledging part of their settlement for medical treatment.

A personal injury lawyer should be in contact with doctors and insurance companies early in the case. Doing so helps maximize the client’s ability to get the proper treatment. One of the main purposes for making an insurance claim in an automobile accident is to pay for medical bills. A good lawyer knows how much insurance is available and works with doctors to maximize payment

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