Motorcycle Hang Time Podcast Launches With Host Chris Klotz

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The attorneys at Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers are happy to announce the launch of their new podcast – “Motorcycle Hang Time with Chris Klotz.” The podcast invites you to hang with Attorney Chris Klotz and his guests as they talk about the local motorcycle scene, safety issues and motorcycle law.

Motorcycle Hang Time is produced by Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers and features both local and national guests known to the motorcycle community.

Motorcycle Hang Time Podcast with attorney Chris Klotz

Episode one

In episode one, Chris interviews registered nurse and owner of Road Guardians and Accident Scene Management, Vicki Sanfelipo. Ms. Sanfelipo worked as a nurse for 25 years, and then in 2010, she left to follow her passion to teach motorcycle riders what to do at the scene of a crash until professional help arrives. Her organization teaches riders and the public about accident scene management.

Episode two

In episode two, Attorney Chris Klotz interviews Chris Best, best known as “Biker Dad.” Chris Best spent 25 years in TV news and when Covid hit, he started thinking it was time for a change. So in May of 2021 he started the TV show Biker Dad and since then he has been on a journey to tell some of the stories of bikers across the US.

Along the way he said the 1% club of hardcore bikers take selfies with him and shake his hand, and so do the cops. As a journalist, he understands how to engage both audiences. He went from corporate America to follow his dreams, and although once in a while he is called a “poser”, he says: “I am a poser, that’s why I’m called Biker Dad and not Biker Billy Badass.” Committed to giving back, his hope is to flip a few more motorcycles so he can fund a charity bike giveaway in the near future.

How to Listen to Motorcycle Hang Time

Motorcycle Hang Time is produced twice a month. The audio version of the podcast is now airing on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and Spotify. The full video interviews air on YouTube Podcasts.

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