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Summer is upon us and the somewhat empty Mobile roads are about to get a lot busier. Not only are businesses opening back up but there is going to be a big spike in road trips as many people are still not comfortable flying during the Coronavirus pandemic but want to get away and have a vacation. Translation? Your risk of getting into a car or motorcycle accident is about to increase!

How to Stay Safe on Alabama Roadways

Marketwatch reports that nearly one in three Americans plan to take a road trip this year; noting the low gas prices also contributing to this high number. So what can you do as you road trip or just try to get to work with this increased inactivity?

  • Stay alert: Maybe you got a little casual in your driving these past few months enjoying the peace and quiet but now is the time to make sure you are not engaging in any type of distracted driving (phone, looking back at kids, etc) so that what is in front and around you has your full attention. Distracted driving GREATLY increases the risk of an accident so be aware of what you are doing but also if you think a nearby driver might not be giving the road the attention it deserves.
  • Motorhomes and larger vehicles: A camping vacation is one of the safest ways to continue to social distance and avoid unnecessary contact and there had been a surge in motorhome rentals and purchases over the last few months. As you know, these are major vehicles that novice drivers might not totally have control over at times, especially turning on highways and maneuvering in parking lots. Be sure to give them even more space than necessary to avoid getting in an accident with a motorhome.
  • Plan ahead: If you are planning to road trip this summer, you may need to do a little more planning than usual as certain rest stops might be closed. It also always helps to consider driving at “off” times when there will be fewer cars on the road as that always helps to limit your chance of getting in an accident.

Mobile Car Accident Lawyer

We hope everyone has a great summer whether it is staying put or traveling and if you find yourself in a Mobile car accident, we are here to help. At Stevenson Klotz, we know how to get our clients the most for their car accident cases and will be here to do the same for you.

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