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What Kind of Questions do I have to Answer in Discovery?

Monday December 04, 2017 | Category: Personal Injury

Discovery is the investigation that takes place before a lawsuit goes to trial. During the discovery phase of a lawsuit, parties gather facts and information about the other party to build their case. Discovery can be written, in the form of interrogatories or request for production, or oral, such as a deposition.

The defendant can ask you any questions that may lead to evidence that is relevant to your case. Common subjects for questioning are:

  • Employment history for the past 10;
  • Home addresses for the past 10 years;
  • Medical providers who treated you for accident-related injuries;
  • Other medical providers who treated you within the past 10 years (and reason for that treatment);
  • Criminal history;
  • Prior claims, lawsuits and/or Worker’s Compensation claims;
  • Insurance information;
  • Injuries from prior or subsequent car wrecks or other accidents;
  • Witness information; and
  • Cell phone account information.

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