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The personal injury lawyers at Stevenson Klotz are reviewing claims for people who’ve used Januvia and have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Many studies have ascertained a potential connection between Januvia (sitagliptin) and pancreatic cancer. The link is especially devastating for the victims because pancreatic cancer is a fatal malignant tumor. The high rate of advanced-stage cancer at the time of diagnosis of cancer and the lack of adequate treatment makes a diagnosis feel hopeless. 

If you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after taking Januvia, please call our Mobile or Pensacola office today. You can file a lawsuit against the Januvia’s manufacturer to recover compensation for, lost wages, medical bills or pain, and suffering.

Januvia is a Defective Drug

Januvia’s manufacturer, Merck, is facing many lawsuits claiming that Januvia is a defective drug. These claims say Januvia increases the risk of pancreatic cancer in users due to the following reasons: 

  • Merck recognized that Januvia could pose a danger of pancreatic cancer and withheld this information from both patients and doctors 
  • Merck provided inadequate warnings on Januvia 
  • Merck neglected to inform doctors to observe Januvia users for indications of change in the pancreas 
  • Januvia feigns a risk and its benefits do not outweigh this risk 
  • Despite all we know, Merck proceeds to promote Januvia on the market 
  • Merck did not perform adequate safety tests on Januvia

These suits are exploring damages for victims, including lost earnings, diminishment of earning potential, and massive medical bills.

There Is No Class-Action Januvia Lawsuit?

The lawsuits over Januvia are being filed on behalf of plaintiffs and are not progressing as a class action with any firms in Alabama or Florida. Stevenson Klotz, it out to help Januvia victims to file individual claims for their losses. 

How is Januvia Linked to Pancreatic Cancer?

Januvia relates to a group of drugs that operate by decreasing the metabolism of a hormone known as incretins. Typically, people with diabetes do not generate enough of these hormones on their own, and medicines such as Januvia allow these hormones to stay busy in the bloodstream longer to decrease blood sugar levels. However, this causes a patient’s GLP-1 receptor activity to increase. That increase has been shown to put the user at a higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer. FDA’sagency’s””Merck’s””

File Your Januvia Lawsuit with Stevenson Klotz

If you took Januvia and were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you need to contact one of Stevenson Klotz’ offices today. You can recover compensation for your damages against Merck. To receive a free, no-obligation consultation from our Januvia attorneys, call 850-444-000.

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