Information Regarding Escambia County Jail Explosion

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For those of you who do not know, there was a large explosion last night at the jail, and it has been evacuated. Reports are that there are at least 2 deaths.

Right now, it is difficult to get information about inmates and their status. I was just up at the jail trying to get information about some clients of mine who were in Central Booking and Detention. Many inmates are in the hospital. Male inmates who are uninjured have been moved to other county facilities such as the main jail or the road prison. Female inmates who are uninjured have been moved to either the Santa Rosa County jail or the Okaloosa County jail.

I was given a phone number to call for information 850-471-6600, but when I called, I was told that they would only release information to family members. If you have a family member at the jail that you have not heard from, please call that number. It may be busy, but keep trying. Also, you may want to try the other facilities that I mentioned earlier.

We are investigating this explosion, and are reviewing cases to see if claims can be made against the county. If you have a loved one injured or information related to the explosion, you may call us at 850-434-3111.

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