Top Steps to Take After a Florida Car Accident

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The time after a Pensacola car accident can be overwhelming – injuries may be severe, and emotions could be running high. However, it’s critical you take some important steps to comply with Florida law, handle your health, address insurance issues, and prepare for any legal claim you will eventually be making. Below are a few of the key actions you should take if you’re involved in a Florida car accident.

Florida Legal Requirements

Florida has a few laws anyone involved in a car accident must comply with after a collision. Florida requires you stop at the scene of the accident, check with all parties for injuries, and seek help for anyone who was hurt. Florida drivers must also report the accident to law enforcement – a local police department, Sheriff’s Department, or the Florida Highway Patrol – if the accident resulted in any injuries, deaths, or any property damage over $500.  You must also move your vehicle off the roadway. If you cannot move it yourself, you must call for help or a tow truck to clear the road. 

Other Important Steps to Take

After you comply with your legal obligations, you should take other steps to gather information, start the vehicle repair process, and look after your health. These actions can also prevent you from costly missteps should you decide to file a claim for compensation. 

  • Exchange information
  • Talk to all eyewitnesses and get contact information 
  • Take photographs of the scene
  • Inform your insurance company
  • Keep records of all expenses – medical bills, lost wages, property repair
  • Never admit fault
  • Beware of early settlement offers

It’s also advisable you speak to an attorney right away to make sure you properly completed all the necessary steps to gather evidence and fill out all necessary paperwork correctly. 

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