How Much is Your Dog Bite Case Worth?

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Major life-changing dog bites happen every day throughout Alabama and these encounters have been on the rise in recent months as more people have been out walking their dogs during their time at home. The design of their teeth combined with the strength of their jaw means that dog bites often leave immediate injuries as well as lasting scarring on the victim, especially if the victim is a child. At Stevenson Klotz, we know how to make sure you and your family are appropriately compensated following your Alabama dog bite injury- call us today to learn more.


What you Need to Know About Alabama Dog Bites


Even a small lap dog can inflict a bite on a victim that needs medical attention and possibly physical therapy. The more serious the dog bite (or attack), the more money your case is worth. Here are the factors that go into valuing a dog bite case:


  • Physical Injuries: How bad are your injuries? What are the cost of your current and ongoing medical bills? Will there be permanent scarring? All of these answers are assigned a dollar amount that we work to get you.
  • Emotional injuries: For many, there is some PTSD and other issues a victim will need to deal with as a result of the encounter and we put a dollar amount on this to make sure this is part of your compensation package
  • Missed work, etc: Did you have to miss work as a result of the dog bite? This lost income can come back to you in your settlement check.
  • Other: Every Alabama dog bite case is unique and our goal is to get you paid for the total impact the dog bite has had on your life


Mobile, Alabama Dog Bite Lawyer


At Stevenson Klotz, we are here to help you every step of the way following your Alabama dog bite injury. While calling a law firm and reliving the attack may not be something you want to do, the sooner you call us the stronger case we can make, and the sooner we can help get you paid following the accident. Memories and evidence are always best fresh so get in touch with us today to get started. We take all our dog bite cases on a contingency fee basis so you don’t pay us until we get you paid.

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