How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

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Answers from Experienced Car Accident Lawyers In Pensacola

Hear from Pensacola car accident lawyer, Eric Stevenson as he answers the frequently asked question: “how much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?”

Video Transcript for “How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Injury Attorney?”

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?

Hi, my name’s Eric Stevenson and I’m an attorney at Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers. That’s a great question that we get asked a lot.

People will call and they’ll say, is it expensive to use you? What’s your fee structure?

So there are three things to remember about using a personal injury law firm for representing you when you’ve been injured in an accident.

First is consultations are free.

When you call our office, we don’t charge to meet with you, to talk with you about your case and help you make a decision about whether you would like us to represent you.

Number two is that we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that there is no charge to you unless we recover something.

If we recover something from the insurance company, then what we get paid is a percentage of what we get at the end, so we won’t be sending you bills as we go along in the case saying, hey, send us more money. We need more money to do this or that. You’re not up to date on your account.

We get paid at the end of the case and so even if we wind up at the end of the case and we get nothing then our representation was actually free.

Number three is our fees are pretty standard in the area. We charge one third if we don’t file a lawsuit and 40%, if we do.

The Florida Bar sets the rules on the maximum that attorneys are allowed to charge and so that’s the fee that most attorneys charge, is what the Florida Bar recommends, as far as that’s concerned.

So, that’s the nuts and bolts of how much it costs to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Again, my name is Eric Stevenson with Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers. And remember we put lives back together.

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Free Consultations with an Injury Attorney

When you’ve been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence in Pensacola, FL, you may be eligible for compensation including medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. But how can you be sure whether you have a valid case? This is where a free consultation with an experienced injury lawyer from Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers can help.

Free Consultation

We offer free initial consultations to seriously injured accident victims. Why do we do this? Because we understand that, after an accident, you may be facing a lot of unknowns—including whether you even have a case. When you’re burdened by medical bills, lost income, and the stress of your injuries, the last thing you need is more uncertainty and unanswered questions.

A free consultation with our firm gives you the opportunity to get your questions answered and to find out whether you might have a claim. You can ask what your case might be worth, how long it may take, and any other legal concerns. And, if you decide to hire us and we do take on your case, you can be confident that we will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Even though many lawyers will talk to you for free, there’s one thing we do that makes us different. No law firm can guarantee the results of your case, and neither can we. But we know how serious injuries can impact every aspect of your life, so we make you this promise: If, in the first 30 days after hiring us, you’re not 100% satisfied with the way your case is being handled, just let us know and you can take your file with no questions asked and no attorneys fees or expenses charged to you.

We are so committed to the personal attention we give clients, the quality work we do and your satisfaction that we give every new client this satisfaction guarantee. Now you might be wondering, are they for real? The answer is yes. We believe so strongly in what we do and the way we do it that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. And the testimonials from our past clients show that we live up to our promise.

Our Satisfied Clients

We’re proud of our past results and what our clients have to say:

“Excellent law firm. Mr. Klotz and his team made the entire process of dealing with our accident much easier.”

“They have been excellent with always keeping in contact with me, whether it be about updates on my case or just to see how I am doing. They are very personable and knowledgeable. They have answered every question I have had, and have helped me every single step of the way. ”

“They are very kind and know the value of building relationships; they are empathetic, kind and listen to your needs. This is a valuable law firm that cares about their clients and provides experienced guidance. It’s an easy five star review.”

“Throughout my family’s process of working with this firm, we always received routine updates and genuine compassion from everyone we encountered.”

“I highly recommend Stevenson Klotz! Their dedication to clients is unparalleled.”

“Every person I have dealt with at the firm has been attentive. They follow through and keep you informed every step of the way. I highly recommend them!”

Contact Us Today

If you’ve been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence, don’t wait to get answers to your questions or legal representation—contact Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers today for a free case evaluation.

What Happens During a Free Consultation With Our Law Firm?

When you have been seriously injured in an accident, whether in a car crash, a motorcycle wreck, or some other way, we know you are going to have a lot of questions. You probably want to know who can be held responsible, how much your case is worth, how long it is going to take, and what you need to do to protect your rights. The good news is that we can answer all of those questions during a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

During your free consultation, we will:

  • Listen to your story and ask questions about what happened. We want to know all the details so that we can fully understand your case.
  • Determine what insurance company policies may be available to you.
  • Answer any questions you have about your legal rights and options. We will help you determine which claim type is right for you and your family.
  • Explain our process for handling injury cases and what you can expect if you decide to hire us.
  • Provide an honest evaluation of your case and let you know what we think your chances of success are.
  • Help you understand the value of your case and what kind of compensation you can expect to recover if we are successful in getting you a settlement or verdict. We can’t guarantee the outcome of your case, but we can give you our client satisfaction guarantee.
  • Answer any other questions or concerns you have about your case.

We Will Review Your Case for Free

The consultation is completely free and there is no obligation to hire us, so you have nothing to lose by calling. If we determine that you have a valid case, we will explain our fee structure and give you an idea of what to expect going forward. If we do not believe you have a case, we will tell you honestly and will not try to convince you otherwise.

To schedule a free consultation with our experienced attorneys in Pensacola, FL, call Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers today.

How Much Will It Cost To Hire An Attorney?

No one wants to get hurt in an accident, but unfortunately, accidents happen every day in Pensacola. If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be wondering how much it will cost to hire a lawyer and whether or not it is worth it. The answer to that question depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your injuries, the amount of damages you are seeking, the strength of your case, if there are insurance company policies available, and whether or not you win your case.

Contingency Fee Basis

At Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers, we work on a contingency basis, which means they only get paid if you win your case. If you don’t win, you don’t owe us anything. Our contingency fee is a percentage of the total settlement or verdict we are able to recover for you, and it will be explained to you upfront so there are no surprises.

What is a Contingency Fee Basis?

A contingency fee is a type of fee arrangement in which a lawyer agrees to represent a client in exchange for a percentage of the client’s settlement or verdict. This means that most injury and accident lawyers only get paid if they are able to win your case and recover compensation for you. If they are not successful, the attorneys do not get paid.

The costs and expenses of pursuing cases are also deducted out of your settlement. This includes costs for things like court filing fees, expert witness fees, and the cost of obtaining medical records. As part of a contingency fee arrangement, you will not be responsible for any of these costs upfront. Instead, the law firms advance them on your behalf and deduct them from your settlement.

The bottom line is that you should never let lawyer fees keep you from seeking the financial recovery you deserve.

What are the Fees Taken from a Settlement?

There are different types of costs, fees, and other expenses that you may be responsible for if you decide to hire an attorney for an injury or accident.

What is a contingency fee basis and why is it charged this way?

The most common type of lawyer fees that can be taken from personal injury settlements is the contingency fee, which we already discussed. This is a percentage of your total settlement or verdict that the attorney will receive if they win your case. Most accident and injury attorney fees are contingency-based, which means that you only have to pay them if they win your case.

At Stevenson Klotz Accident Lawyers, we use a contingency fee in order to make sure every person who has suffered serious injuries due to someone else’s negligence, no matter their financial situation, can get the legal help they need and deserve. When you’ve been seriously injured and are facing huge medical bills, lost wages, and other damages, the last thing you need is to worry about how you’re going to afford a lawyer’s services and their legal fees.

What are some other types of fees that can be charged?

Other than contingency fees, there are a few other types of legal fees that you may want to know about when considering hiring an attorney. These include:

  • Hourly Rates: Some lawyers may charge an hourly fee instead of a contingency fee. This means that you will be responsible for paying the lawyer for their time spent working on your case, regardless of whether or not they are successful in recovering compensation for you.
  • Retainer Fee: A retainer fee is a type of non-refundable deposit that is paid to a lawyer upfront. The lawyer will then use this money paid in flat fees to cover their time spent working on your case.

Other Types of Costs and Expenses

Other common costs that may be deducted from your final settlement amount include:

Expert witness fees – Testimony from expert witnesses may prove to be invaluable in getting the best possible outcome for your case. They may include accident reconstruction experts, medical professionals, and others with specialized knowledge relevant to your case.

Court filing fees – There are fees associated with filing a lawsuit, which vary depending on the court in which your case will be filed.

Medical records – Your lawyer will need to obtain your medical records in order to prove the extent of your injuries and damages.

The good news is that at Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers, we advance all costs on your behalf and deduct them from your settlement. This means you will not have to pay anything out of pocket to pursue your case.

Get in Touch With Us

If you’ve been injured in an accident, call Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your case. We’ll help you understand your legal rights and options and let you know what to expect moving forward.

How much will you have to pay upfront if you hire us?

When you’ve been seriously injured in a car, motorcycle or other type of accident, the last thing you need is to worry about upfront expenses associated with hiring an attorney. That’s why at Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers, we use contingency fee agreements. This means that you only have to pay us if we win your case. So, the answer to this question is, when you hire us, you pay nothing upfront.

There are different types of costs and expenses associated with pursuing a case that will accumulate over the course of your case. These include things like expert witness fees, court filing fees, and medical records. The good news is that at Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers, we advance all costs on your behalf and deduct them from your settlement. This means you will also not have to pay fees, including attorney’s fees, out of pocket to pursue your case during the course of litigation.

How long will it take to start paying your personal injury lawyer?

Now that you know you don’t need to pay anything upfront to hire an attorney, you might want to know when you have to pay your attorney.

With a contingency fee, your lawyer will only start to get paid once they have successfully secured a settlement or verdict on your behalf. So, if your case is settled out of court, you will typically pay your lawyer a percentage of the settlement amount. If your case goes to trial and you win, you will pay your lawyer a percentage of the verdict.

No Upfront Payment Required

At Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers, we understand that being injured in an accident can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. We want to make the process of pursuing compensation as easy for you as possible. That’s why we don’t require any upfront payment from our clients.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your case.

What are the typical fees that Florida injury lawyers charge?

The Florida Bar has a set of rules that govern how lawyers can charge for their legal services. These rules are in place to make sure that lawyers are transparent about their fees and that they only charge fair and reasonable rates.

At Stevenson Klotz Injury Lawyers, we follow these guidelines and charge one third of your settlement if we don’t file a lawsuit and 40%, if we do. This is our contingency fee and it’s how we get paid for our services.

We also advance all of the costs associated with pursuing your case, like expert witness fees and court filing fees. These costs will be deducted from your settlement at the end of your case.

Lawyer’s Fee Examples

So, for example, if you are seriously injured in a car accident and get a $300,000 settlement or court award from the other driver’s insurance company, you would pay us $100,000 if we don’t file a lawsuit and $120,000 if we do. That leaves you with $200,000 or $180,000 depending on whether we took your case to trial or not. If you get $0 because we lose the case, you don’t owe us anything. For many people, this makes hiring a personal injury lawyer a no-brainer.

Of course, every case is different and the amount you will ultimately pay will depend on the specifics of your case. However, you can rest assured that we will only charge fair and reasonable rates for our services. And we will discuss all of our fees and our contingency fee agreement upfront when you call for a free consultation.

What if I can’t afford to pay an attorney?

We understand that not everyone has the financial resources to hire a lawyer, and even contemplating a contingency fee percentage may seem overwhelming. This is why we offer a free consultation.

Free Consultation to Discuss Your Case

During this consultation, we will listen to your story and let you know if we think you have a case. If we do, we will represent you on a contingency fee basis. This means that we won’t get paid unless and until we recover compensation for you.

If your case is successful, our fee will be a percentage of your settlement or court award. And if your case is not successful, you won’t owe us anything.

This makes hiring an attorney a risk-free proposition for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us today for a free consultation.

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