How Long Do You Have To File A Florida Car Accident Lawsuit?

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If you’re injured during a Pensacola car accident, your life can quickly become a blur. Not only are you dealing with damage to your vehicle, you often spend a lot of time getting medical treatment, recovering from your injuries, and providing documentation to your employer about your inability to work and a prospective date to return to your job. Being busy can make time fly, but it’s important not to let too much time pass before turning your attention to filing a legal claim seeking compensation for your car accident injuries. If you do, you may find you have lost the ability to file a lawsuit.  

What is Florida’s Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Claims?

Florida has a law known as a statute of limitations that puts a time limit on car accident victims to file a claim to recover for their injuries in court. In almost all cases, a victim has 2 years from the date of their accident to file a claim for compensation or else they are statutorily barred forever from seeking damages in court for their car accident injuries. If a victim files their lawsuit after the 2 year period expires, their case will be dismissed by a court. This is a deadline you DO NOT want to miss and filing a suit can be as easy as one call to your lawyer.

What Can I Do if the Statute of Limitations is Close to Expiring?

If the statute of limitations for your car accident injuries is close to expiring, you should contact an attorney immediately. You will need to file a lawsuit before the expiration date, even in small claims court. Once you file any sort of lawsuit in court seeking compensation for your injuries, the expiration date on the statute is tolled or extended, so you won’t lose your right to pursue your claim. 

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