The Most Dangerous Places to Drive in Northwest Florida

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Florida is famous for its hazardous driving conditions.  The places in Florida that get the most publicity about being dangerous to drive are Miami and Orlando, perhaps because their crazy traffic patterns are the most likely to catch tourists off guard, but Pensacola has its dangers, too.  Despite Pensacola’s reputation as a relatively laid-back beach vacation spot, the main road leading to it has more traffic fatalities than any other road in Florida. Car accidents resulting in serious injuries can and do happen in Northwest Florida.  If you have been injured in a car accident, contact a Pensacola car accident lawyer.


The Most Dangerous Roads in and Around Pensacola

The rankings of the most dangerous roads change somewhat from year to year, but several places in Northwest Florida consistently rank among the most dangerous places to drive.

  • I-10 – Love it or hate it, I-10 is the fastest way to get to and from Pensacola or almost anywhere else in the Florida Panhandle.  Florida is just the very end of I-10; it starts all the way west in California. It is, however, the most dangerous road in Florida, with more fatalities even than the infamous I-95, which runs through eastern Florida.  The dangers of I-10 include that it is poorly lit and that there are many drunk drivers driving on it.
  • State Road 98 –Starting at the border with Alabama and continuing all the way to South Florida, State Road 98 is the longest road in Florida, even longer than the Florida section of any of the interstate highways.  It is the site of more pedestrian fatalities than any other road in Florida, earning it the nickname “Bloody 98.”
  • State Road 90 – This road also consistently ranks among the highest in terms of number of accidents, although it has fewer fatalities.  It runs from west to east across the Florida Panhandle, passing through seven counties. Besides its frequent accidents, it is relevant to Northwest Florida car accidents for another reason: several Florida Panhandle counties have their courthouses on State Road 90.
  • US Route 29 – US Route 29 is fairly small as Florida roads go; it covers only 43 miles north to south in Escambia County.  Until recently, it was a four-lane rural route, but some sections of the road recently underwent construction to become six lanes, which increased the number of accidents on the road.

Even though these roads have the most accidents, collisions can happen anywhere.  If your car accident injuries are serious, you may need the help of a personal injury lawyer.


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