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Being accused of a crime may be one of the most intimidating and scary things that has ever happened to you or a loved one. You face a tremendous fight with the government who frequently seems to have all of the advantage and unlimited resources. Your biggest weapon in your defense is the choice of your lawyer. Selecting the right lawyer for your criminal case is one of biggest, most important decisions you can make.

We are a small firm that takes on big cases. We strive to give the best client and customer satisfaction there is. We intentionally do not take on a large caseload so we may give our clients individual attention and can spend the time necessary to prepare client’s cases. Our lawyers are experienced trial lawyers who regularly try criminal cases in both Federal Courts and Florida State courts, primarily in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. We also practice in state and federal courts in Alabama and Mississippi.

Our goal is to fight hard for each client and keep them informed throughout the process. We schedule regular meetings with our clients to review all the evidence. We discuss strategies on how best to resolve their case. We do not believe there are dumb questions, only unasked questions. We invite our clients to contact us any time they have a concern or question about their case. Being sucked into in the criminal justice system is extremely stressful and often impersonal. Having a lawyer who will talk with you helps relieve the anxiety and personalizes your case so that you become more than a number or statistic to the “system”.

A good lawyer reviews every part of the case with his or her client. A lawyer must scrutinize every detail, from the first encounter with police to the charges filed by the government, to lawfully reclaim an advantage for you in the process. Thorough lawyers, who have systems in place to insure that no stone is unturned, get the best results. We teach our clients from the very beginning about how the criminal justice system works. We know that much of the stress in a case comes from the unknown. Our hope is to keep clients very informed throughout the process so that they know what to expect. Whether a case goes to trial, is dismissed, or results in a plea, we discuss every step so that our clients make informed decisions.

If you have been arrested in Pensacola, Milton, Pace, Navarre, Gulf Breeze or any area in between, and you would like to talk with a lawyer at Stevenson Klotz about your criminal case, please give us a call at: (850) 444-0000, or email us at to schedule an appointment. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, and a lawyer is always available in emergencies.

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