You want a pit bull attorney, why?

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Are you shopping for a pit bull lawyer? Ask yourself why. My life experience has taught me that people shopping for a “pit bull” attorney are sometimes looking to use the legal system for something it is not designed for. Would you use a dog trained to attack for a search and rescue mission? Would you use an attack dog to sniff for bombs or drugs. No, of course not. Legal cases are about finding creative solutions to a person’s highly personalized legal problems. It may temporarily feel comforting to have an attack dog stand by your side, more frequently, clients are better served by someone who fights smart. Sometimes you want a smart dog that can think their way to a solution. I see ads for lawyers who sell themselves by presenting themselves as “tough” or “fierce” or “aggressive”. You really need a lawyer who knows how and when it best serves your case to be tough, but can be smart, innovative, and diplomatic when needed. It is true, sometimes attorneys need to be aggressive. But, having a lawyer who is not a one trick attack dog, who is balanced, strategic, and knows the difference between when to use a stick, or when to use a carrot is key to your best outcome. Always try to find an attorney who has the ability to achieve the balance you need…someone who is not just selling you on their aggressiveness to play on your fears.

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