Why Personal Injury Calculators Are Always Wrong

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So you were recently in a Pensacola personal injury accident and looking online to get an idea of how much our case is worth before deciding to take action or hire a certain law firm. We get it—the time following an accident is confusing, overwhelming, and expensive. Rather than spend your time trying to come up with this number on your own, call the talented team of Pensacola personal injury lawyers at Stevenson Klotz today to learn more about how much your case is worth and how we can help.


What are Personal Injury Calculators?


Popular marketing tactics for many law firms and legal websites, personal injury calculators are supposed to help accident victims figure out how much money their case is worth—you simply input a few details and get a number. While that sounds nice in theory, this number is often way off on both ends and can be very misleading, here’s why:


  • Too much general information: your personal injury case is personal, not general and there are so many things that go into the value of your case that these calculators simply can’t capture and this can make this number much smaller or bigger than it really will end up being.
  • Assumptions: A big part of almost every personal injury or wrongful death case has to do with an important detail you probably don’t know—what is the insurance policy of the other side? Usually, these calculators just make a simple assumption based on averages which can be way off and ultimately skew the number it gives you for better or worse.
  • Legal Representation: having the right legal team fighting for your case can make a huge difference in how much you end up getting and these calculators can give you a false sense of whether or not to pursue your case and which law firm to go with.


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Want to know how much your case is really worth? Then get in touch with the highly successful team of personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Stevenson Klotz today. Your totally free consultation with us is designed to help you not only understand what goes into the value of your case but also make you comfortable with the legal process and learn exactly what we will do to get you the most following your accident. We are ready to get started the day you call us!

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