What is Med Pay?

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Medical Payments Insurance (Med Pay) is insurance that pays medical expenses for you and your passengers who are injured in a car wreck.

Med Pay acts as supplemental insurance for car accident injuries. Personal Injury Protection coverage (PIP) only covers 80% of medical bills in Florida. Med Pay insurance can cover the remaining 20% and/or provide coverage that exceeds the PIP coverage.

Med Pay may cover reasonable expenses for:

  • Medical/surgical expenses;
  • Dental expenses;
  • Chiropractic treatments;
  • Injuries sustained by your passengers; and
  • Funeral expenses.

It typically does not cover expenses for:

  • Physical or occupational therapy;
  • Rehabilitation costs; or
  • Psychiatric treatment.

Med Pay is first-party coverage, which means it only provides coverage for you and your passengers. It does not provide coverage for any third-party drivers. Med Pay may also provide coverage if you are hit by a car while you are a pedestrian or riding a bike.

This insurance provides coverage regardless of who caused the wreck.

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