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Trucking accidents can be deadly. Over the last few years, car wreck fatalities have declined. However, trucking accident fatalities have increased significantly. Much of the reason for the reductions in car wreck deaths are safety technologies like airbags and anti-lock brakes. For the most part, the trucking industry has resisted any meaningful safety devices on their trucks. Indeed, they have opposed many safety regulations. They have argued against installing wireless technology in trucks to monitor drivers and trucks. They also are pushing for longer and heavier trucks on the road.

One of the main safety concerns for trucks is driver fatigue, also known as “drowsy driving.” Studies show that driver fatigue is an extemely important factor in trucking accidents. Truckers must only drive for 70 hours a week and get rest at least two nights a week. Other regulations dictate that they cannot drive more than 11 hours a day and must have a 30 minute break during their day.

Truck drivers are required to keep logs of how much time they have on the road. Most of the time, these logs are on paper, but recent rules require they be electronic within the next two years. Trucking companies have resisted coming to the modern age because of costs. These regulations are are designed to make sure that truck drivers get the proper amount of sleep and rest. Unfortunately, the trucking industry attempts to place profit over safety.

The trucking industry claims that longer work weeks and bigger trucks, means less trucks on the road increasing safety. However, tired truckers, bigger trucks, and minimal safety equipment would only increase the danger on the road.

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