Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Personal Injury Case?
Will My Medical Bills Be Reduced After The Case?
How Long Does The Average Personal Injury Case Take?
Who Do You Work With To Process My Claim?
What Are The Possible Outcomes Of A Personal Injury Claim?
Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney?
What Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage, And How Does It Work?
What If My Medical Bills Are Higher Than The Insurance Available For My Claim?
If I Am Hurt In A Car Accident, What Are The Top Things I Need To Do To Protect Myself?
What Are Three Things You Need To Have For Car Insurance?
Is There A Statute Of Limitations For Car Accidents?
If I Was Hit By An Uninsured Driver Can I Sue?
How Do You Calculate Pain & Suffering In A Personal Injury Case?
If I File A Lawsuit In A Personal Injury Case, Do I Have To Give All Of My Mental Health Records To The Defendant?
Does My Insurance Company Have To Give Me A Copy Of My Insurance Policy And If The Person That Caused The Accident Has To Give Me A Copy Of My Insurance Policy?
What Is An Offset?
What Do I Do If The Doctor I Was Referred To Does Not Take My Insurance?
Do I Really Have To Answer These Discovery Questions?
Do I Really Have To Provide My Insurance Information To The Other Side If It Was Not My Fault?
Do I Need More Uninsured Motorist Coverage?
Do I Have To Pay Case Cost If I Lost At Trial?
When Will I Know If I Have To File A Lawsuit?
What Documents Do I Need In Order To Prove My Lost Wage Claim?
How Do I Get Connected To A Medical Professional Or Specialist Like An Orthopedist Or Neurosurgeon?
Will I Have To Pay Attorney Fees If I Do Not Accept The Offer At Judgment?
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