State Attorney Investigating Jail Explosion

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According the AP, State Attorney Bill Eddins of the First Judicial Circuit of Florida is investigating the Escambia County, Florida Jail explosion to determine if he will bring charges of criminal negligence against those responsible. In Florida, the statutory charge is called “Culpable Negligence” and is different from regular negligence. Florida jury instructions define culpable or criminal negligence as “gross and flagrant” and “a course of conduct showing reckless disregard for human life, or for the safety of persons exposed to its dangerous effects, or such an entire want of care as to raise a presumption of a conscious indifference to consequences, or which shows wantonness or recklessness, or a grossly careless disregard for the safety and welfare of the public, or shows such an indifference to the rights of others as is equivalent to an intentional violation of such rights.”

We are conducting our own investigation, and will keep people updated as to what we find. If you or a loved one need the services of a team of trial attorneys experienced in civil rights case and gas and explosion cases, please give me a call. It is our belief that if these acts showed any course of conduct rising to the level of culpable negligence, that the $200,000.oo sovereign immunity cap will not apply and some people’s damages could potentially exceed that amount.

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