School Bus Accidents

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School bus accidents happen more often than anyone would like. 65 students were injured near Marianna in Jackson County, Florida today. Three students had to be flown to Tallahassee for emergency treatment. The crash involved two school buses and happened when a semi tractor trailer rear-ended one bus which was pushed into another. Recently, in Pensacola, 16 students were injured when a dump truck ran a red light and struck a school bus.

When driving, always be on alert for school buses. Parents should be able to expect that their children are transported to and from school safely. No parent wants to receive a call that their child was in a bus accident. Unfortunately, when a truck or any other vehicle crashes into a bus with kids, many parents get that call. Buses are painted yellow and usually have flashing lights on top for a reason. The only excuse for hitting a bus is pure negligence. Pay attention on the roads and keep the kids safe.

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