Safety Tips for Motorcyclists in Alabama

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In the summer, it’s common for one of the 112,000 motorcycle owners in Alabama to pull their bikes out of the garage and hit the roads to take advantage of the warm, sunny weather and scenic country roads. However, the thrill of hitting the road on two wheels doesn’t come without serious risk to riders in the Cotton State.

Why Should Alabama Motorcyclists Prioritize Safety?

In 2019, Alabama ranked #18 of all 50 states for number of motorcycle accidents with 93 deaths. Though many accidents are not the fault of a rider, it’s critical you know the steps you should take be as safe as possible when getting on your bike.

Take an Alabama Motorcycle Safety Course

Shockingly, Alabama is the only state or territory in the entire country that permits motorcyclists to receive a license without passing a test on riding skills. Passing a written exam can substitute for completing a safety course or a riding test. Though not required, these courses teach riding techniques and help you practice maneuvers that may prevent accidents and save you from injuries or worse.

Practice Safe Motorcycle Riding Behaviors

Not only should riders follow the rules of the road, a few common-sense behaviors can help you avoid excessive risk, keep you out of dangerous situations, and perhaps save your life. Remember:

  • Ride at your skill level – don’t try tricks or stunts you see done by professionals
  • Wear an NHTSA approved helmet and appropriate protective gear while riding
  • Stay off the roads during times visibility isn’t ideal, such as poor weather conditions, and the time close to dawn and dusk
  • Don’t ride too fast for the road conditions and weather you’re experiencing
  • Even in perfect riding conditions, avoid excessive speed
  • Watch motorists around you carefully; assume they don’t see you and behave accordingly

Speak to an Alabama Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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