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A car accident with someone driving for Lyft or Uber could happen because there are so many of them on the road. Victims of these incidents can include outside parties or rideshare passengers. You need an experienced Pensacola Fl Uber accident lawyer like Stevenson Klotz to handle your case if you’ve been involved in a rideshare accident. Each accident brings its own set of challenges, and we are experienced enough to handle even the most complex cases.  

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We effectively handle rideshare car accidents

Technology has a way of making everything in our lives easier, but there can also be complications. Thanks to Uber and Lyft, you can have a ride at your fingertips with the push of a few buttons on your phone. Taxis still exist, but ridesharing apps are taking over the market.

A car accident with someone driving for Lyft or Uber could happen because there are so many of them on the road. Victims of these incidents can include outside parties or rideshare passengers. You need an experienced Pensacola Fl Uber accident lawyer like Stevenson Klotz to handle your case if you’ve been involved in a rideshare accident. Each accident brings its own set of challenges, and we are experienced enough to handle even the most complex cases.

I’ve been injured while riding in an Uber or Lyft.

You just wanted to catch a quick ride somewhere, and you’ve found yourself involved in an accident. Unlike driving a personal vehicle, there is no chance that you are responsible for this accident. It’s our responsibility to prove the at-fault party’s negligence and get you a proper recovery. It can be a complicated process because most passengers don’t know if they need to contact Lyft or Uber. First, you need to make sure that you get the proper medical care, and then you need to make sure the liable party covers your injuries. We can help you through this process to ensure that you get a settlement to cover all your damages and losses.


What is an Uber or a Lyft?

A few years ago, an app was developed to match riders with drivers. With this app, drivers drive their personal vehicles and pick up passengers. Those that work for Uber and Lyft are independent contractors that are approved through the company. To be able to drive for these companies the drivers need to have a valid license, clean driving record, background check, and vehicle inspection.

When you order a ride, you are assured that the driver and vehicle are safe for the road. With most accidents, you will have to go through the negligent driver’s insurance to receive compensation, but there are some cases where you can file a suit against Uber or Lyft. It’s important that you hire a car accident attorney that can explain your options to you.


Why do people choose ridesharing?

These ridesharing apps were created to serve the public in their transportation needs. Utilizing these services is cheaper and more efficient than other modes of transportation. Decades ago you needed to be wealthy to afford a private charter, and now everyone is being chauffeured around. Also, Uber and Lyft make it possible for riders to travel to destinations that aren’t serviced by public transportation. Not everyone can rent a car, and these ridesharing apps provide a good alternative.

Ridesharing is also popular because you can carpool with strangers through the app. Even if you know people in your area, it doesn’t mean that you can catch a ride with them. There used to be ways you could look up carpooling online, but none of these options are really effective. These ridesharing apps will match you with people traveling the same way, which the passengers will pay lower fees.

Uber and Lyft also give riders the ability to give their drivers a rating. If you are in a car that is dirty or uncomfortable, you can poorly rate the ride. Then, when you get matched with a driver you can see what they are rated. If you are matched with a driver with a low rating, you can cancel the ride and get a new driver. However, Uber also allows drivers to rate their passengers. So, you can also be rated poorly, and drivers might refuse to take your ride.

Finally, there are also safety features that go along with each of these apps. When you are matched with a driver, each app will tell you the make, model, and color of the vehicle. You will also see a picture of your driver and their name. There is also a sticker or light on the dash of the vehicle that denotes the car is driving for Lyft or Uber. These are some of the many reasons why ridesharing apps are so popular.


Who are the drivers for Uber and Lyft?

You can see ads everywhere offering positions with both Uber and Lyft. If someone wants to drive for either of these companies all they need is a car and a license to apply. These companies will run background checks, but they provide no training. Uber has received a lot of criticism because their background checks aren’t as thorough as Lyft. Since these drivers are seen as freelancers, it can be complicated when there is an accident. The companies refer to drivers as freelancers, so they aren’t responsible for any damages. An experienced attorney will file claims with the negligent parties and answer any questions you have about your case.


What is the difference between a taxi and an Uber?

Although Ubers are similar to taxis, they aren’t the same thing. A ridesharing app is actually considered a software company. Uber and Lyft both operate a platform that allows individuals to order rides and drive. So, Uber and Lyft are really only providing an electronic service.

A taxi is part of a transportation company. When you’re in an accident with a taxi there are many different parties that could be liable. In fact, taxis are required to carry a specific type of insurance because they are considered commercial vehicles. The vehicles in Uber and Lyft are owned privately by the drivers, so they aren’t commercial vehicles. However, since Ubers and Lyfts are software companies they don’t have to follow the same laws. There are a lot of gray areas associated with these cases which is why you should hire legal representation.


What are the laws associated with ridesharing?

According to the laws in Florida, drivers for Uber and Lyft must have insurance on their vehicles. Whether they have passengers in the car or not, they must be insured. The requirements that each vehicle must have while operating under Uber or Lyft are:

  • Automobile liability coverage at a minimum of 50,000 dollars for death and bodily injury per person.
  • Automobile liability coverage at a minimum of 100,000 dollars for death and bodily injury per incident.
  • PDL coverage of 25,000 dollars per incident.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage according to the state minimums.


When a passenger is being driven in an Uber or a Lyft:

  • In addition to all of the above coverage, there must be primary automobile coverage of at least one million dollars for death, bodily, injury, and property damage.  


Uber and Lyft Insurance

Both of these platforms have similar coverage in the event of passengers being injured in an accident. These companies must provide the minimum coverage required by the state. However, people are still confused about how these insurance coverage policies actually work. For example, Uber has up to a million dollars of coverage, but most claims are never even filed with the company. Every accident is different, and coverage can be split up depending on the status of the ride and app usage. For example, an Uber involved in an accident without a passenger is much different than an Uber in an accident with a passenger.


There are many different situations where an Uber or Lyft can be involved in an accident:

The Uber or Lyft is involved in an accident while the rideshare app is off or inactive

In this situation, the app is not being used at all. So, the driver is just driving their own personal vehicle. In this situation, you would treat this accident like any other automobile accident. You are required to go through your own personal insurance. Any car on the road is required to have coverage, so this should be nothing new to drivers.

An accident occurs while the app is on, but the driver is waiting for a request.

In this situation, the driver is working for either Uber or Lyft but hasn’t received a ride yet. When a driver is involved in an accident, the rideshare company will cover the accident up to 50,000 dollars for bodily damage or 100,000 dollars for the incident. These companies will even cover up to 25,000 for any property damage.

However, you are required to go through your own personal insurance first. The rideshare companies will only provide coverage if your damages aren’t covered. For example, if your insurance coverage provides 25,000 dollars for bodily damage, a rideshare app would cover the additional 25,000 dollars to cover damages. You have to prove that your injuries and damages are above 25,000 dollars and that you went through your personal insurance coverage first.

Your personal insurance company could decline to cover your damages if your vehicle is being used to earn money. So, many drivers choose to buy rideshare insurance that will cover their vehicle in the event of an accident. We have handled many different rideshare cases with complex insurance problems. Handling these cases on your own can result in several insurance companies denying your claims. We have experience talking to insurance companies, so we can get you the settlement that you deserve.

An accident occurs while you are on your way to go pick up a passenger for a ride request or while the passenger is in your car.

The minute that you accept a ride, Uber and Lyft’s insurance will cover your trip. This is considered third party coverage of a minimum of 1 million dollars for each incident. Rideshare coverage will cover injuries and damages to the passenger, pedestrians, other drivers, and property damage.

Both of these rideshare companies provide a minimum of 1 million dollars in coverage for uninsured motorists. So, if you are hit by a vehicle that does not have insurance, you’re covered. Also, if the other vehicle doesn’t have enough coverage, your rideshare insurance will cover the difference. All of this can be very confusing, especially if you aren’t used to talking to insurance companies. We provide you with guidance and answers throughout this difficult process. With our experienced lawyers, we know that we can get you a settlement that will cover your damages.


What should you do after you’ve been involved in an accident with an Uber or Lyft?

As we’ve mentioned above, Uber accidents are confusing. If you’re a passenger there are many different routes that you can take. You need to focus on your recovery, instead of worrying about whether you are going to receive an appropriate settlement. We know that this is a stressful time, which is why we recommend that you seek legal counsel immediately. There are many different situations involved in Uber accidents, and it can be a difficult process for you if you’ve been working for them. Many drivers are scared to make a claim against rideshare companies because they rely on driving for income. Contact us today, so that we can discuss your options and help you select the right path.

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What happens if a make a claim against Uber or Lyft?

Drivers worry that if they bring a claim against Uber or Lyft that they will lose their jobs. We can’t guarantee that you won’t lose your driving ability for the app. In fact, Lyft has revoked the privileges of many of their drivers for accidents that occur off the app. Having accidents on your driving record makes you an unsafe driver and a liability for the company. However, you are entitled to receive compensation for your injuries through their company insurance policy. You need an attorney experienced in dealing with insurance companies and rideshare companies to get the best settlement possible.


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