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July 2018 Newsletter

The Youth Music Project took a rare break last month to make room on our usual YMP corner (on Palafox and Government Streets) for the Galley Night themed “the arts”. Chris is on the Gallery Night Board of Directors and was one of the co-planners of the theme for June’s Galley Night. There were so […]

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June 2018 Newsletter

This May, we have been focusing at the office on our job positions and duties and defining roles and responsibilities. Through the years, we have come up with efficient methods of processing our cases to best represent our clients. As our firm grows and we increase staff and personnel to better help our clients, we […]

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May 2018 Newsletter

We are getting settled and comfortable in our new office space. We are not completely unpacked, and we are nowhere near ready to have an open house, but we are fully operational and thrilled to be here. We still have to hang some artwork and diplomas on the walls and figure out exactly where furniture […]

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March 2018 Newsletter

What street are you on? How do you spell that? Well, when Eric and I decided to move to our new office at 510 E. Zarragossa Street, we had no idea how spelling a street name might become a big deal to us. When you look for a new house or office location you usually […]

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February 2018 Newsletter

We are happy to announce we have moved into our beautiful permanent office overlooking Pensacola Bay near Seville Square in downtown Pensacola! Remember about a year and a half ago when we moved? Remember that we said we would only be there a few months? Well, a couple of deals fell through and Chris and […]

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January 2018 Newsletter

We set a high goal in 2017 for our Santa’s Bookshelf book collection. And we were able to meet it because of everyone’s generous donations. Santa’s Bookshelf is our holiday charity where we collect new or gently used children’s books to distribute to families in need. Half of the books are distributed to children locally and half of the […]

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December 2017 Newsletter

We had another great Gallery Night in November for our Youth Music Project. We had three acts play: Ben Kennington, Ashlyn Arnold, and Soul Station. We had a big crowd surrounding the stage at Seville Tower at the corner of Government and Palafox. Be sure to come out to the next Gallery Night to see […]

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November 2017 Newsletter

Every once in a while we get to do something really fun with the awesome people who work together at the Firm. We all just had a big Halloween Firm outing and went on a super fun haunted bus tour of Pensacola on the “Go Retro” bus (Go Retro is also a past community business […]

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October 2017 Newsletter

In September, Chris and I held our quarterly review. We looked at all of our annual and quarterly goals for this year and laid out a plan to complete them all by the end of the year. We have private meeting space we use off premises so that we can work uninterrupted. The meeting took […]

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September 2017 Newsletter

In August, we focused on getting pieces and plans in place to complete our annual goals. We had a mini-retreat at the end of July and followed up in August with plans to achieve our goals. At the end of every year we set 5 goals to meet for the next year. For 2017 our […]

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August 2017 Newsletter

August is busy for our firm philanthropies. Last week, Chris, Eric and all of the staff cooked Jambalaya, and sides, for the Ronald McDonald House here in Pensacola. Ronald McDonald house is a home away from home for families to live while their children receive cancer treatments at hospitals here in Pensacola. Ronald McDonald House […]

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July 2017 Newsletter

Summer months can seem to drag. When you are busy, however, they can fly by. We have been blessed lately with new clients to help in our personal injury practice, so June was busy. We expect July to fly by. We are looking forward to another great Youth Music Project show this Gallery Night on […]

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June 2017 Newsletter

This month we will pick back up where we left off last year with our philanthropy, the Youth Music Project (YMP). Since the format of Gallery Night changed last year, we wanted to make sure that our showcase stage was still a good fit for the new Gallery Night format. We will be resuming in […]

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April 2017 Newsletter

This month we have our Firm retreat. At SKLF, our firm retreat is a chance for us to solidify, brainstorm, and detail the implementation of the yearly goals that Eric and I set in January. At our retreat the whole SKLF team works intensely for 2 days to draft and implement plans and protocols to […]

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March 2017 Newsletter

Stevenson Klotz had an amazing February. We were able to help resolve a number of personal injury claims for our clients and our case intake was up. We are excited to help more and more people each month. We also had a lot of fun during Mardi Gras. The office had many king cakes and […]

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February 2017 Newsletter

February is always super busy. The seasonal slowness of the holidays has long faded. It feels like the year is going to jump out from under you like a racehorse with plans and goals. Eric and I are well into planning how to complete our first quarter goals. Every year we meet and plan our […]

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January 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year to everyone. We met most of our goals and were able to help more people than the year before. Last month was a great month. As a Christmas bonus to our staff, we gave them a downtown-spending spree as a surprise. We closed the office at 3:00 p.m. on a Friday and […]

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December 2016 Newsletter

In both October and November our lawyers and staff have been meeting with all of our clients in the Escambia Jail Explosion to update everyone personally on the status and gridding of claims. This case has had a flurry of activity and is slowly inching closer to a final resolution. It is always nice to […]

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November 2016 Newsletter

As we get closer to the end of the year, much of our time in the office is spent working on reaching our year end goals and planning for next year. Chris and I spent a day having our quarterly review to make sure that our goals for the year are met. Our goals this […]

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October 2016 Newsletter

What clients don’t see behind the scenes at Stevenson Klotz is the effort that Eric, myself, and the office team devote to give a 5 star experience. Eric and I are committed to bringing the best client experience that we can to everyone who trusts us with his or her case. We constantly work on […]

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September 2016 Newsletter

We are settled into our temporary space at 212 West Intendencia Street, Suite A. The space is nice, and we enjoy sharing space with our friends at the Liberis Law Firm. It is a bit quiet being off all the hustle and bustle on Palafox, but we are still close to the Court House. I […]

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August 2016 Newsletter

Thanks to all of our marvelous staff at the Stevenson Klotz Law Firm, we have successfully moved to our new, temporary office space at 212 W. Intendencia Street, Suite A. We will be here while we do the build-out of our new, permanent space just off of Palafox Street on Romana Street. We are super […]

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February 2016 Newsletter

January was busy for us here at Stevenson Klotz. The month was full of annual planning and reconnecting with clients in the new year. We finished collecting books for our Santa’s Bookshelf philanthropy, and we helped a number of clients. We are grateful for a wonderful 2015, and look forward to an even better 2016. […]

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March 2016 Newsletter

February was a busy month. Chris and I tried a case in Mobile, Alabama and spent a lot of time working on our Escambia County Jail explosion claims. As part of our Youth Music Project, we had the band Pelican212 perform in front of our office for Gallery Night. If you’ve never seen them, do […]

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April 2016 Newsletter

As usual, there’s a lot happening at Stevenson Klotz this month. This month Chris and Eric attended a quarterly meeting of their business development group PILMMA. This is a proactive group that helps law firms develop strategies and systems in order to give the best customer service and best legal services to our clients. Participating […]

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May 2016 Newsletter

April was a great month for Stevenson Klotz. We were able to help a number of clients with personal injury claims. Auto accidents must have been prevalent in April, because we saw intake on those cases rise. We also were able to help some clients get good settlements for their injuries in existing cases. We […]

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June 2016 Newsletter

We have lots to report this month from Stevenson Klotz. First, we are going to have to find some new office space! Anybody that has been by the office lately will know that we are bursting at the seams with great new staff and important work to do. We are growing at a pace where […]

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July 2016 Newsletter

We have a big announcement to make. We are moving! While we love our location and enjoy sharing space with Autumn Beck and her staff, we are, thankfully, growing, and so is Autumn’s firm. There just is not enough room for all of us in the same building! We will be relocating just around the […]

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