If My Car Wreck Happened Out of Town, Will I Have to Travel There for Depositions?

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Unfortunately, people get in car wrecks out of town on vacations, family trips, business trips, and the like. The most common court to file a personal injury lawsuit in is the court of the county where the car wreck happened. That court has jurisdiction over the claim because the wreck happened within its boundaries.

So what if you live in State A, but your car wreck happened in State B, and your lawsuit is in State B? Do you have to travel to State B to give your deposition? The answer is yes, you do. By filing your lawsuit in State B, you agreed to make yourself available for litigation in State B. Sometimes, lawyers can agree to depositions in a more convenient location. Most of the time, though, insurance companies enforce their right to make the plaintiff travel. Insurance companies will do whatever they can to make it difficult for a plaintiff to pursue his or her claim.

The good news is that you only have to give one deposition, even if you sued more than one defendant. So you will only have to make one trip for a deposition. Be ready to travel for court hearings if your lawyer asks you to go or for a trial if your case does not settle though.

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