Hurricane Season 2015

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Storm surge is the most destructive part of a hurricane. One of the hardest fights with insurance companies is whether damage to a home is caused by wind or flood. NOAA’s National Hurricane Center has a new graphic designed to help homeowners know whether their home is threatened by storm surge. If you wait until the storm hits and the water is rising, you have waited too late. Please monitor weather reports and surge tables when a storm is in the Gulf of Mexico, and if you are threatened by rising water, evacuate.

If you do not live in an area that is under mandatory evacuation and you stay in your home, be sure to have three days of emergency supplies (water, food, batteries, lights, etc.) on hand. Most emergency responders will not be able to provide services for 72 hours after the storm has passed, so be sure to stock up before a storm hits. Always have a plan in place for what to do when a storm is coming and what to do in the aftermath.

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