How to Approach Neck and Back Injuries from a Car Accident

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Car accidents cause a large number of injuries and losses across the country every year. For neck and back injuries, the cost to Americans is approximately $5.2 billion annually. Additionally, it is estimated that as many as 500 cases of quadriplegia a year happen due to car accidents.

These cases, and more, represent people that are entitled to compensation. Among the kinds of compensation that you would get for this injury in a car accident claim would be economic damages (medical, lost wages), non-economic damages (pain and suffering), and in some cases, punitive damages. You want a personal injury attorney that knows how to approach your case to ensure that you get the best possible settlement for your damages.

The Problem With Neck and Back Injuries

Quadriplegia is a severe condition and one that is not difficult to prove or show in court. On the other hand, many neck and back injuries are. You have to approach your case in a way that illustrates what your life was like before the injury and after to reach a successful settlement or verdict.

Many of these injuries don’t always show up on MRIs or X-rays and are challenging to prove. Insurance companies also may take that as an opportunity to say the problem existed before the accident happened.

There are ways to handle this when you are seeking compensation for your damages.

How to Establish Back and Neck Injuries After an Accident

An excellent personal injury lawyer will help you show your life before the accident and what it is like now. Your medical records then and now will play a role here.

You may also seek the testimony of a medical expert who can testify or be deposed on your medical case.

Additionally, every medical record you can obtain since the accident will help a judge or jury determine your award.

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When you are suffering from a neck and back injury after a car accident, you are going through an extraordinary amount of stress and pain. At the same time, you want justice for what has happened to you. You deserve it.

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How long will it take to settle my neck and back injury claim?

It depends on the nature of the case and the amount of evidence required for your case. That evidence will take time to collect. The more medical evidence you have regarding your injuries, the easier it will be to settle your case or take it to trial.

Do I need a lawyer for my car accident?

You will need a lawyer for your car accident if you think your case will be complicated or will end up in trial. In some instances, you could represent yourself, but a personal injury lawyer will know what is needed to get you the maximum settlement. If your health is suffering, having a lawyer by your side to handle some of this work will relieve some of the burdens of this crisis.

What is the average cost of a settlement?

It is impossible to say what the average cost of a settlement would be for you for neck and back injuries after a car accident. The settlement will depend on the severity of your injuries, the impact on your life now, and the damages you have incurred due to your injuries and the accident. A personal injury lawyer can help you to get the largest possible settlement.


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