How Long Will My Alabama Car Accident Claim Take to Settle?

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After you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s normal to wonder when you’ll finally see compensation for harm you’ve already suffered – money can be tight due to expenses you incurred from your injuries, so looking forward to a settlement is understandable. Most of these cases settle before trial but it may take months or even years to completely wrap up a claim. 

Settling a case involves presenting a demand letter, negotiating, coming to an agreement, delivering a check, and finalizing settlement papers. A good Alabama car accident lawyer should work with you during the process to explain what’s happening and look out for your best interests. 

The Process

Demand Letter

A demand letter to your insurer lets you present the facts, details about injuries, and other relevant details related to your car accident injury claim when asking for a settlement. The initial amount should be higher than you expect to settle for to give you room to negotiate.

Negotiation and Acceptance

The insurance company responds to the demand letter with a settlement offer. First offers are usually a low-ball attempt to buy you off quickly, so it’s never wise to accept one unless advised by counsel. Their offer allows you to negotiate until both parties compromise on an amount they both will accept. Take into consideration medical expenses, attorneys’ fees, and all damages you suffered when considering if an amount is enough.

Finalizing Settlement Papers

After an offer is accepted, the acceptance needs to be in writing. Once you accept the offer, your insurer will have you sign a release of all claims you could file regarding the accident. You will either receive the check at signing or a few weeks after executing the release form and closing your case.

Factors Affecting Settlement Time

Having an Attorney

Going it alone or hiring an experienced Mobile personal injury attorney can affect the length of time it takes to settle your claim. An attorney can often negotiate a higher settlement, but that can take more time. Dealing with an insurance company alone may resolve more quickly but may result in a lower settlement.

Facts of the Accident

Any dispute regarding who’s at fault for the accident can postpone settlement negotiations and prolong your case. Insurance companies will need to investigate the accident and determine fault before they are willing to negotiate and make settlement offers, and this can take months or years. 


Depending on the severity of any injuries from the accident, a settlement could be delayed. It takes time to investigate and document serious injuries as well as determine the full extent and value of your injuries. 


If you sued, the length of time for settlement can depend on the court’s schedule. If the court is busy, your hearings may be pushed back, and settlement can be delayed. 

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