How Do I Get a Copy of the Police Report After My Car Accident?

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After any car accident, it’s critical you get a copy of your accident report from the police. This is a crucial piece of information you’ll need both for filing an insurance claim and pursuing compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Police reports contain statements from all the drivers as well as eyewitnesses, information on drivers’ licenses and insurance, and visual observations regarding the scene. There are several ways to get the report once it’s complete, depending on the information you have. 

Accident Reports in General

It’s important to know that the length of time it takes before your report is available will depend on the department. Some police stations are more efficient than others. However, if you held on to the officer’s business card or contact information from the accident scene – you should have received this, it will also include the number of the incident report to help find it. Follow up with the officer if necessary.

How to Find Your Report

Once the report is complete, there are several ways to get a copy. 

  • Call the responding officer and request a copy.
  • Check the police department’s website – some allow you to download a copy.
  • If you misplaced the responding officer’s information, call the police station and ask to speak to them.
  • If none of those options work, talk with the receptionist at the police department or call the local court clerk. You may be able to pick up a copy in person at the station or the courthouse.
  • As a last resort, call your insurance company or the other driver’s insurer to see if they’ll send you a copy. Insurers will always obtain a copy to help process any claims from the accident.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

After you’ve been hurt in a car accident, it’s understandable to feel confused about what you need to do to gather important information and protect your future claim for compensation. For help obtaining a copy of your police report and navigating the complex waters of dealing with insurers and pursuing personal injury compensation, call the skilled Mobile Car Accident Attorneys at Stevenson Klotz today. We have years of experience handling difficult insurance companies and litigating complex car accident cases, and our results speak for themselves. We have recovered millions for our clients’ injuries. Call us at (850) 706-4226 or fill out our online Contact Page to schedule your no obligation case consultation today. The confidential consultation is free, and you pay nothing until win your case. We’re here to discuss your case, answer your questions, and fight for you to receive the best possible results.  

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