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Be careful while trick-or treating. Our little ones are precious and deserve a fun and safe Halloween. Here are some suggestions to keep the kids safe while getting treats around the neighborhood.
  1. Be visible — While the kids are walking door to door, they are sharing the road with cars. Make sure drivers can see the kids. Use flashlights and consider attaching glow sticks or reflectors to costumes and bags.
  2. Plan for a safe trip — Have a route planned. If going with multiple children, do a head count in between houses to make sure no one gets lost. Have a plan in place for a location to go to if a child is lost.
  3. Adult Supervision — Children under 12 should have adults walking with them at night. Adults should remain alert for children that might wander off and for cars on the road.
  4. Check Candy — Although rumors of evil people handing out poisoned candy or putting razor blades in apples are greatly┬áexaggerated, it is a good idea to go through your child’s candy bag before allowing them to eat. Some kids have food allergies and sometimes well meaning folks may give out candy or items that are inappropriate depending on the age of the child. Candy that is safe for a 12 year old may not be safe for a two year old for example. Additionally, waiting until getting home to inspect candy gives mom and dad the opportunity to limit the sugar intake before bed time!

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