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If your Florida property suffers water damage, this can create serious and dangerous conditions such as mold and decay. Mold can cause a variety of serious health issues, and decay can cause termites, carpenter ants, and expensive repairs. 

It’s vital that you talk to an experienced Florida insurance claims lawyer about your individual case as soon as possible.

How Can Water Damage Occur in Florida?

In Florida, there are can be many causes of water damage to your property. Some of the most common include: 

  1. Broken Appliance Floods
  2. Leaky Roofs
  3. Pipes Bursting
  4. Storms

Before you suffer any type of property damage, you should know and understand the limits and coverages of your Florida homeowner’s insurance policies.

When water damage occurs, you should document all of your property damage, as well as what exactly caused your damage.

Florida insurance companies have begun significantly limiting the coverage available for water damage on many Florida property owner’s insurance policies.

Is There a Difference Between Flood Damage and Water Damage in Florida?

The short answer is: yes. Most Florida homeowner’s insurance policies state that rainwater that causes damage to your property before it hits the ground is not applicable to flood damage claims.

If your damage is a result of a flood, then that would be part of your flood insurance policy. Your flood insurance claim must be filed at the federal level because the United States government is responsible for all flood insurance claims that are written under the National Flood Insurance Program.

If you have private flood insurance, however, then the answer may be a different one.

What About Water Damage to My Florida Property?

If your Florida property has suffered water damage, you need to make sure your property is protected by your policy. It’s also advisable to hire an experienced Florida insurance claims attorney.

If the water damage to your Florida property is excessive, this can cause structural issues that quickly raise your repair costs.

If other damages such as fire, theft, or explosions happen because of the water damage, these types of damages may be covered by your Florida insurance policy.

It is vitally important that you understand what exactly is in your Florida insurance policy and the damages that are covered. It is not the insurance company’s responsibility to let you know what might be covered.

What About Mold and Water Damage in Florida?

A residual effect of having water damage in Florida is often mold. Mold can not only damage your property, but there are also a wide variety of health issues that mold can cause as well, and the bills that may be associated with exposure to mold can be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

This is why having your Florida claim for water damage settled quickly and getting your property repaired is so important. The repairs to your property need to be done in a professional and expedient manner.

Without your Florida property being repaired properly, you could be subjecting your property to mold and all the issues that are associated with it.

What is Property Decay in Florida?

Water damage can cause property decay in Florida. Most properties have a wooden structure, and excessive moisture can quickly rot the wood. This can and does cause structural damage, which has the potential for serious damage as the wood in your structure weakens.

Decaying wood is prone to attracting termites and other bugs that can also weaken your Florida property’s structure.

Water Damage in Florida can cause devastating damage to your Florida home or business. If you’re dealing with water damage, it’s important that you speak to one of the insurance claim attorneys at the Florida law firm of Stevenson Klotz about your case as soon as possible.

Water damage can quickly cause dangerous conditions to crop up in your Florida home or business, causing health issues and decay, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation about your individual situation.

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