Escambia County Jail Explosion Claims

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The Escambia County Jail explosion left many inmates and corrections officers with serious injuries and long-term damages. Our investigation has led us to believe that the county knew of a gas leak in the jail for weeks and that the civil rights of inmates were violated resulting in personal injury and even wrongful death claims. In most cases against the county, the claims are capped at $200,000 per person or $300,000 for the entire claim. However, when the claims involve civil rights violation, there are no claims caps. The national media is probing deeper into the jail explosion, and the reports, if true, that county administration knew of a gas leak for days or weeks, would establish what is called deliberate indifference to the civil rights of inmates meaning that the statutory caps for sovereign immunity likely will not apply.  This incident is not the first time that the jail has come under scrutiny, and we will be investigating to see if any of the problems the Department of Justice identified in its five year investigation played a part in this tragedy. If you or a loved one were injured in the explosion and would like for us to review your claim, please contact us. We have had a team of attorneys working on this case from the outset, and will be glad to review any and all claims.

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