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Anyone who has been arrested for DUI can tell you that the legal system is complicated and confusing. You have 10 days to decide whether to challenge your driver’s license suspension or to waive the hearing. This decision is critical. It must be made within 10 days of your arrest or you may not get a business purposes only license. You also have an upcoming arraignment when you must decide whether to plea guilty, no contest, or not guilty. These decisions are important and are different for each person and each case.

Every element and fact of a DUI case should be reviewed in presenting a defense. Did the officer have the right to stop you? Did the officer have cause to arrest you? Did he give the right instructions on the field sobriety tests? Was the breath, blood, or urine test performed properly? A good DUI lawyer asks these questions to decide how to attack the state’s case. Ultimately, the decision must be made whether to go to trial or to plea to a DUI or lesser charge.

Negotiating with the State Attorney’s Office is an important part of a DUI attorney’s job. A DUI defense lawyer tries to get the state to reduce charges or to offer minimum DUI sanctions. Lawyers who try cases generally get better results than lawyers that do not.

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