Why Are Truck Accidents More Complex?

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Truck accidents are not the same as other motor vehicle crashes. The numerous complexities of truck accidents mean that you will need an attorney to investigate your case and fight for your legal rights.

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What Are Common Complexities of Truck Accident Cases?

You may face additional challenges when filing a truck accident claim or lawsuit. These issues could make it tougher to file your claim, but they can lead to more money if you are successful.

There are more sources of evidence

In a truck accident case, there are sources of evidence that are in the hands of the trucking company. You need to request records and documents like the truck’s black box data and the driver’s employment and safety records.

You may only get your hands on some of this evidence through the litigation process.

More money is on the line

Trucking companies have to carry a large insurance policy, and they often have the assets necessary to pay for any judgment. In addition, you have likely been more seriously injured in a truck accident than in the “average” motor vehicle crash.

The fact that there is more money at stake means that you must know how much your case is worth before you file a claim or lawsuit.

Trucks are technologically advanced

It is rare for a car accident to be caused by mechanical difficulties with the vehicle. However, a truck is a large and complex instrument, and it is more likely that the failure to inspect and maintain the truck could be behind the accident.

A trucking accident attorney needs to have an understanding of how the truck works and what may have gone wrong to cause a particular accident.

Your injuries may be serious

When fully loaded, a truck can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. A large amount of force is transferred from the truck to your vehicle in a crash, so your injuries would, on average, be more severe than in a car accident.

An attorney must understand all your injuries and how they would affect your life going forward to know how much you may be due in a truck accident case.

Trucking companies fight harder

The trucking company’s very existence could be at stake because of the amount of money involved in your lawsuit. Juries have been known to put trucking companies out of business entirely through substantial verdicts.

The trucking company may have a team of lawyers devoted to defeating your case to the fullest extent possible.

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