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Criminal Defense Lawyer

What Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

There are millions of crimes committed each year, with property crimes being the most common type of offenses. However, the number of …

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Types Of Criminal Lawyers

Types Of Criminal Lawyers

Are you looking for a criminal attorney to help you through your case but unsure who to hire? Different types …

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how to choose a criminal defense lawyer

How To Choose A Criminal Defense Lawyer

One of the scariest predicaments any person can go through is a criminal accusation. Not only can it damage your …

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Pensacola Bridge driver defying police officer

Charges Against Protester Dropped

PRESS RELEASE Attorneys for Jason Uphaus, the Black Lives Matter protester who was nearly run over by an angry driver …

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You want a pit bull attorney, why?

Are you shopping for a pit bull lawyer? Ask yourself why. My life experience has taught me that people shopping …

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What Difference Can The Judge Make In Your Case?

What difference can the judge make in your case? One variable lawyers consider as they are evaluating your case and …

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Being Called as A Witness

Most people think that being a witness at a trial or hearing is not a pleasant experience. Lawyers ask tough …

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Jury Duty

People tell me this all the time: “I just got a summons for jury duty. I hope I don’t get …

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Changing the Conversation about Race

I heard this interview on NPR a few weeks ago about a lawyer representing young black men and the struggles that …

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