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What difference can the judge make in your case?

What difference can the judge make in your case? One variable lawyers consider as they are evaluating your case and answering the frequent client question “how does my case look?”, is the judge presiding over your case.  Judges come in as many different flavors as the food selection on a Las Vegas casino buffet.  Seriously, every different personality type, political […]

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Jury Duty

People tell me this all the time: “I just got a summons for jury duty. I hope I don’t get picked.” My response is always, “I hope you do.” Jury duty is one of the few ways we get to participate in our government. Jury service is one of only two ways that government calls and […]

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Changing the Conversation about Race

I heard this interview on NPR a few weeks ago about a lawyer representing young black men and the struggles that they have on the streets simply because of skin color. I remembered it last week when the Ferguson riots were going on. No matter what your position is on the grand jury’s decision (I have […]

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If You Are in a Car Wreck, Call the Police

In an Accident? The Best Policy is to Call the Police   I recommend calling the police anytime you are in a motor vehicle accident at the very least to document the accident occurred. Florida has serious penalties for leaving the scene of an accident without fulfilling certain obligations, so do not leave an accident scene […]

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An Endless Cyle: Trapping People in “The System”

A growing trend around the country, and especially in Florida, is to jail people who cannot afford to pay fines in criminal cases. As states tighten budgets and courts increasingly become dependent on fines to fund their budgets, states increase the amounts of fines to sustain their operation. These “user fees” seem innocuous enough: if a […]

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Escambia County Jail Explosion Attorney Interviews

The news media has reported over the weekend that attorneys are being denied access to interview inmates housed by Escambia County. This attempt to prevent inmates injured in the blast from seeking legal counsel for either their criminal case to get a bond to get out and get medical attention or to hire a personal injury […]

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Female Inmates Transferred to Santa Rosa Jail

As I reported earlier, uninjured female inmates involved with the Escambia County Jail explosion were transferred to either Santa Rosa or Okaloosa. Follow this link  to see the list of female inmates in the Santa Rosa County jail. Eric StevensonFollowing graduation from Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, Eric Stevenson held a number of positions including […]

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Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Blog

This post is what I hope will be the beginning of a successful blog regarding my legal practice. After practicing for fifteen years, I encounter similar situations and the same questions often enough that I could write a book. Maybe I will. Stay tuned. Until then, I am hoping that my blog can help educate […]

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